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"I would like to respond to this but will do so by opening a new posting."
"Grad, Spence, Kevin Keating were all notified these signatures were not signed by Mathewson. A study was done by Ron Keurajian and Steve Koschal and published on over a decade ago.  Spence/Grad ignored the study due to embarrassme…"
"Not even sure if Online Authentics is still in business.  They post the name of 2 authenticators that work for them, these guys should be embarrassed or maybe their names are just being used.  No one at Online is taking responsibility for the Ali de…"
"Another thought about Herman Darvick. Last time I saw him at a New Jersey sports show I demanded the few cartons of books he never returned to me after his auctions failed.  He said he would ship them to me when school was out. Next thing I saw was…"
"The LBJ forgery by Herman Darvick looks like a five year old wrote it.  He giggled while doing this in front of me and was so proud that he thought he did such a good job gave it to me as a souvenir, I still have the original.  Thinking he was showi…"
"Thomas, someone tried to put a shirt and tie and jacket around this signature with "impeccable provenance".  In fact it is not by the hand of George Bush but a very common machine signed signature.  An exact copy of this signature can be found in th…"
"Correct, he is one of the most forged signatures in modern day music.  Good observation about the mis-spelling!
Would like to hear from others, as well."
"Autopenned items are bad enough but wait till you see what's being done with his signature.  I'm working on writing a story about this problem but don't want to give away too much in advance.
The story will be published in the journal of the Interna…"
"He most likely will NOT and good chance you may not get your item back.  His practice is to sign photo's and books."
"Update: Quasi sellers of Trump "signed" hats and books with "signed" bookplates all bearing a machine signed signatures.
I contacted about 12-15 sellers of these type items on eBay with a detailed account of how they were selling a machine signed it…"
"I didn't get a second photo on here....also did it say what contribution was needed to receive a Hat?"
"This is turning into a fabulous discussion. Keep the information coming it's beginning to be quite an education. Let's focus on the machine signed signatures, the hundreds of forgeries could be next!"
"Besides myself, others as well, would like to see some of those confirmed Autopen signatures.
If you have access to an Trump Autopen signature, please illustrate them on Autographplanet as an educational tool/"
"Mr. Burris, I read your response with interest. First, like Nixon once said " let's make this perfectly clear".  Quoting your words "hardly any ringing endorsement..". You read my message and got that totally wrong.  Not one of those comments from t…"
"Dear Mr. Burris (aka The Truth) when you registered at Autograph Planet you didn't give yourself a ringing endorsement. You registered as "as female" and you listed your location as "somewhere safe".
As for myself, I cannot help who claims to be an…"