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"He seems to lack the understanding that there is a certain culpability involved In the initiating and grooming of a thread in order to realize defamatory results. Lack of legal advice will most certainly be his undoing. Have seen it numerous times b…"
"Perhaps if everyone here chips in $5 each, Miles could start up a franchise?"
"Consider the income and gift tax liability that will be generated?"
"Sure, I mean after the electric bill, mortgage, cc bills, water, garbage, kids school, food, car note, wife's birthday etc. are all taken care of then I will look at ways to help "widows and orphans"

Bit conservative though and feel grown men shou…"
"Screenshots are often a convenient method of  relaying informtion,"
"The thing is.., even in the midst of darkness and adversity, it requires some small amount of truth to allow observation,"
"Not sure how these 'Milch' signatures are allowed into the marketplace? even if the 't' were crossed does this look at all correct? just sayin'"
"Supposed to be a great povich episode later today, can't wait. YOU ARE THE BABY'S FATHER!"
"Looks like it could have come out of the "Sweet Willie School"?"
"Fairly easy to to determine, after comparison to the check, that the "To Steve, Sincerely Jerry Lee Lewis' inscription is legit! The Block letter 'To' is in a style that is sometimes utilized by Jerry Lee!"
"Man, you guys are just sticking this educational, not for profit, fair use stuff right down his throat!"
"Careful analysis of the writing on the check obviates and confirms the modern TTM's"
"Oh so true Miles!,
That styled "E" has shown itself over the decades and along with many of the inscriptions that those knuckleheads would have attempted to label Secretarial. Had they only listened to the wisdom of The Vanderhoven they could have a…"
"Interesting, Unique, Genuine comparison of a JLL Handwriting trait, then and now:"
"Example of the harmful misinformation that has been spread by that other site. A site whose members attempt (albeit in impotent fashion) to control and limit information that is allowed to reach consumers:"
"Yes indeed, Thanks Miles!
Study of the image absolutely puts to rest that entire TTM secretarial myth that at one time had gained some popularity over at another amateur autograph collector site. Posts such as yours, Miles, are ever so important in…"