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"He seems to lack the understanding that there is a certain culpability involved In the initiating and grooming of a thread in order to realize defamatory results. Lack of legal advice will most certainly be his undoing. Have seen it numerous times b…"
"Perhaps if everyone here chips in $5 each, Miles could start up a franchise?"
"Not sure how these 'Milch' signatures are allowed into the marketplace? even if the 't' were crossed does this look at all correct? just sayin'"
"Looks like it could have come out of the "Sweet Willie School"?"
"Didn't one of our members, Prashoot, spend a whole lot of green on a few of theses items? If so, he is a fool who should be ridiculed and ostracized."
"Notice how the actors head is a completely different 'tone' from the rest of the photo of the 'proof photo'

Can't fool us 'experts' at AP!"