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Here is a drawing by Michael Jackson from David Gest's estate. Lizzie from AML has pointed out this style for being fake for a long time.It comes with a coa from Heritage auctions. I wonder if you try to flip this at Bonhams for example would they a…
"New MJ drawing at Heritage auctions from the David Gest estate. 11th November 2017."
Consigned in 2014: Looks like Cooper Owen have held onto these, but they are trying to sell them again.Supplied with Roger Epperson's coa. Makes Dean Smith: SMITH'S AUCTIONS LTD on Invaluable look  like trash.https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/aucti…
"If anyone knows Frank Cascio's email address please provide it, as I know for a fact they are selling lots of fake MJ items including fedora's and drawings with Frank Cascio coa's. Looks like the Corey Feldman name has now moved onto Frank Cascio.…"
"The same kind of drawings that have been selling at Smith's auctions on Invaluable have also been selling at Christina galleries."

Very similar to the fake MJ drawing from SMITHS AUCTIONS again on Invaluable."

This is their website with fake won prices. We know that they haven't sold a MJ hat for $6000, and so on as they sold it for $500 on Invaluable."
"Check out the bidding prices, 5 days to go. Beatles on $20, Marilyn on $30, MJ on $150, Muhammad ali on $15.  Need I say more."
Again Dean Smith of Chesterfield, England has listed a couple of fakes at the end of his garbage auction of cheap worthless items.Look at this Beatles. No expert has checked this out, reason why cause this certainly wouldn't pass any authentication…
Came across An account used by Lizzie's friend from AML (The self proclaimed MJ expert), and I find two photocopies of original Michael Jackson drawings (One having sold at Omega auctions ) in Manchester UK.These are photocopies with some glitter an…
"Must be real cause Joe Brat gave them to Profiles in History"