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"Bo Jackson won't sign the Nike photo as it hasn't been licensed by the photographer in 20 years for anyone to use it for anything.  The photographer filed a lawsuit against Nike for using the image and according to this article that I found here:
"Ask Johnny Manziel if he intends to give out many autographs or have pictures taken with him after what happened to him yesterday. 
For those of you that don't know he was hounded for 2 hours by 1 "fan" who wanted his picture and/or an autograph.  R…"
"There are many other items.  Those caught my eye as I collect music autographs"
baru911 posted a discussion
Very nice auction with some great items in it.  Some of this is going for major money....Eddie Van Halen signed Guitar ExperienceYou get to meet with the band, fly on the bands private plane betwee…
"Gee, I wonder how long it will take before this shows up on the other website?  Here's a very interesting autographed item.  Similar to the 300 that Eddie Van Halen sold during the 2007 and 2013 Van Halen Tours on eBay.  However, it seems this artis…"
"Over at Pledge Music - Megadeth has some Featured items that are geat if you are a fan.  Everything from a signed CD, Vinyl by the entire band to jumping on stage and playing with them.  Prices from 50.00 to 10,000.00."
"You gotta love the fact that the guys on the other website are reading and posting exactly the information in this thread and the Motley Crue thread.
Hey, Ian A baldock wanna reference where you are finding out your information when you post over on…"
"Click on either the baseball or the puck.  They both have a drop down that allows you to purchase them autographed.   Brings the cost up to 150.00 on each.  Shipping is around 11.00 on the ball in the USA.  I bought one."
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Quick list of Bands/musicians that sell autographed items in their stores:Alan Jackson - Alan Jackson - The Bluegrass Album Bundle - 1st 500 lithos are signed - 49.98Buckcherry AUTOGRAPHED Wall Litho - 40.00Motley Crue - Autographed poster - 250.00L…
"Only one left as of this morning."