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"It should be interesting to see what happens in all the lawsuits flying around.  I wonder how all of this will be resolved and if it will be made public?
On a different note:
Little Stevie over on the other site asked for photos of the items to see…"
"Bo Jackson won't sign the Nike photo as it hasn't been licensed by the photographer in 20 years for anyone to use it for anything.  The photographer filed a lawsuit against Nike for using the image and according to this article that I found here:
"Ask Johnny Manziel if he intends to give out many autographs or have pictures taken with him after what happened to him yesterday. 
For those of you that don't know he was hounded for 2 hours by 1 "fan" who wanted his picture and/or an autograph.  R…"
"There are many other items.  Those caught my eye as I collect music autographs"
"Gee, I wonder how long it will take before this shows up on the other website?  Here's a very interesting autographed item.  Similar to the 300 that Eddie Van Halen sold during the 2007 and 2013 Van Halen Tours on eBay.  However, it seems this artis…"
"Over at Pledge Music - Megadeth has some Featured items that are geat if you are a fan.  Everything from a signed CD, Vinyl by the entire band to jumping on stage and playing with them.  Prices from 50.00 to 10,000.00."
"You gotta love the fact that the guys on the other website are reading and posting exactly the information in this thread and the Motley Crue thread.
Hey, Ian A baldock wanna reference where you are finding out your information when you post over on…"
"Click on either the baseball or the puck.  They both have a drop down that allows you to purchase them autographed.   Brings the cost up to 150.00 on each.  Shipping is around 11.00 on the ball in the USA.  I bought one."
"Only one left as of this morning."
"If you look at the other autographs you'll see that F. Murray Abraham didn't win until 1984 for Amadeus, Glenn Close has never won an Oscar and doesn't appear at the Oscars until 1983.
The description doesn't say they were all obtained in 1979.  I t…"
"This is the type of thread you would never see on the other website.  They would never post it as some of their members who have high opinions of their place in the autograph world would believe the "legion of doom" counterfeit ring would use the in…"
"Mr. Mueller - Interesting.  Had not thought about it from a famous female's view on the situation.  I'll have to remember that if I ever see a famous female and make sure to act in a very non-threatening way. "
"On 2-2-14 in the “biased or unbiased content on this site” thread on the other forum website the following was posted by Wascher and the Little Stevie, The Community Manager in reference to the Top Content:Wascher:“Just to give an answer on this bei…"
"When are Rodger and Little Stevie going to be deposed?  I ask as neither seems to be as prolific a poster on the other website and neither post any opinions anymore."
"The Police

Iron Maiden (I know that 2 members signed over one another - not much you can do in that situation)"
"Thin Lizzy"