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"Have you heard back from them yet? I noticed on the website they have they have a disclaimer of sorts, that they are experts based on what others have said about them. (where have we all heard that before) and they also state, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH..…"
"That's a lot of area's to cover all at once.  It will be interesting to hear how they do it."
"Steve Cyrkin is having a mini meltdown on his website today.  He again is going after a seller, who he seems to a major beef with. 
From what I can tell, he accused this man "Stephen Duncan" who is a IN PERSON autograph collector of selling "FAKE" i…"
"If anybody needs the depositions they were saved when they were put up to the website.  Also there are written transcripts of each, you can contact the law firm or Autograph Plant for more info.
"It looks like the case is OVER.
Says the case has been, DISMISSED and there was a motion to have it VACATED.
The video's of the depositions that were on youtube have been removed (usually because of a settlement) the previous website that Mr. Johnso…"
"Looking over things, it sure seems like Steve is acting odd, even for him.  Why would he be doing this?  Especially with a court order?  To give the middle finger to the courts isn't smart, however, he could be laying the groundwork for a "i'm crazy…"
"I saw a number of posts on Steve "i'll control the news" Cyrkins newrag website forum earlier this week.
A new person, posted that the websites were down (Michael Johnson's) and was wondering what was going on.
A person said to ask Chad, another sai…"
"Let me do a little re-cap and see if I have it straight.
Roger for the duration, has said that he does NOT accept PSA/DNA as a "agreed upon expert"   That PSA/DNA is a company not a person, and you don't know WHO is looking at the item(s) in questio…"
"Things must be really bad for the once mighty Roger Epperson.  There was a show down in Texas a few months back and this man that bought a lot of items from him, has been trying to get his money back on some of the things, has now decided that he ju…"
"RR just keeps losing motion after motion, they even got hit with the "due diligence" card by the judge. Roger too. Like hiring a new lawyer is going to help him.  He is the king of "self appointed experts" and he sure hates it when you call him out…"