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"No one has ever said Steve Cyrkin is smart. If he goes to jail he will tell his readers he had to get away and gather his thoughts for a few days and they will believe him. There are always two sides to a story and the side that loses in court loses…"
"I agree with you DB that there is nobody in the hobby that would meet the threshold for authentication.  But Cyrkin's side bashes people that guarantee their material forever and sell great items while promoting people who have shattered records in…"
"Steve Zarelli was created and made up like Peter pan. He is no different than anyone else.  Where did he go to school?  Who trained him?  Probably home schooled like everyone else.  I realized he was a joke when he posted not to buy from dealers who…"
"I'd like to match all the donations the beggar receives and give that amount to a much more worthy cause. It's called the Kids Wish Network.  It operates from a metal warehouse behind a gas station in Holiday, Florida. It raises millions of dollars…"
"So Miles- Who wins the plantif or defendant under this scenario?  Just say'in"
"Smart Grant.  Some may hold up signs asking for money.  Who is Steve Zarelli?  Doesn't he authenticate NASCAR for RR Auction?  He's got a lot of complaints when you google him. 
"Sounds to me like someone is going to lose in court. Look at all those silly people rallying around a guilty man begging. They need to find employment. You want to feel sorry for someone who deserves it? Apologize to your parents!"
"All Johnson has to do is have the protective order revoked if it was violated by PSA and shared with Roger."
"I'm going to go with this is his right handed signature?"

Will you or Brat be kind enough to keep a list of all the victims when these are sold?  It will make it easier for the authorities to prosecute and investigate your claims"
You are correct.  I know nothing.  Just that these Michael Jackson sketches are garbage which is nothing also unless your a dumpster diver.
I will never be able to stop the spread of forgeries that are authenticated by your people.  But I can…"

It's time to give up on this dead dream.  The provenance was fake, Michael's art teacher stated they were fake, Michael Jackson's estate calls them fake, the signatures are all the same from a forger and even much of the artwork was traced f…"
" Reply by Michael Frost on January 6, 2015 at 10:31am
Answered directly from Corey Feldman, He does not really have time to do this all day, but he truly wants to help and will likely be taking action.
Actually the 1st image is from a movi…"