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"Mr. Koschal, amazing information. You must have the largest autograph reference library in the entire hobby. Thank you for your response.. "
Does anyone here on Planet know why the signatures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the Supreme Court, has skyrocked in price?
I purchased a nice Judy Garland signed photograph but am gettting a bad feeling about the signature. Is there someone on this site that can help me settle this issue?  Any help will be very much appreciated.
"I'm going to go with this is his right handed signature?"
OPERATION BAMBINO: $50K Fake Pulled From Auction Exposes PSA/JSA Authentications of Bogus Babe Ruth Sigs By Grad & Spence (Pt. 7)Share|By Peter J. NashDecember 18, 2015ShareThisHobbyists and autograph experts have for years alleged that the prolifer…
"Now that is funny and sadly becoming true DB"
"I would agree not to open it. The only "real" emails are from the Nigerian Government where if you give them $5,000 they will send you $100,000,000.00.  Lol"
I'm curious how anyone can authenticate these pair of gloves supposedly signed by Muhammad Ali.  Does PSA determine authenticity by the story they are told?  It cannot be based on the signature.  Any Thoughts?
What are your thoughts on this article?  I am beginning to think nobody in the autograph industry is an expert because most experts or people who are called experts I see didn't even finish college.  What are your thoughts?  Is this article wrong?Ho…
"1st edition book To Kill Mockingbird by Harper Lee"
"Agree with Chad.  Did PAAS authenticate these?  It looks like something PAAS would authenticate.  I'd run."
"This example of Bob Dylan is scripted print.  I could write this signature the same way and I never have.  But based off the evidence and seeing other forgeries by the same seller I have to say there is no way to authenticate this Dylan autograph. …"
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