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"Hello "The Truth"  I saw the same thing.  I did see while looking at other cases that he had that he "Michael Johnson" had to get new lawyers as his lawyers withdrew from ALL of the cases that they were hired for.  He recently asked for a extension…"
"I found these:  2nd photo clearly shows that the item comes AUTOPENNED! 
The "ART OF THE DEAL" books had the same email with the same message."
"This has been going on for a while, wonder if there are any update on it yet?  I would think something would have come of this by now."
"This is about right yes?"
"Earlier this week, there was a post made on AML.

It was over the fact that John's bio and info are "pending" and have been from website for years.
The person that posted the story, thought that because John…"
"BRAVO!  Mike Frost aka Dr. Fraud is just that.  He's a liar and a rat.  He will make up anything to try to take the spotlight off of him and his actions.
Get caught in a shill bidding scam, make up a story.  Get involved in a lawsuit, make up a stor…"
"Is anybody really shocked that this bum and liar and rat took money and then denied it?  He's a liar.  No big thing.  Mike Frost, AKA Dr. Fraud is just that..."
"He is a bum, and with all the crap he has done and the people that he has burned, can't you see why he has a few fake names?
I bet he has another one or two in the hopper as we speak."
"Mike will say that the above letter is not real, and not his stamp nor his signature.  The phone and email are correct but everything else is suspect and he has not a clue as to how it happened.
"Allen, did you happen to get a screen shot of that or know of anybody that did?  My guess is he will do anything to not be in front of a camera asking about his credientals or lack of them really, and his education, and his training etc...etc.  He h…"
"Everybody should challenge him, it's good for the soul!"
"More will be coming out on this man in the near future.  Steve's reporting should be seen for what it is.  How he reports should be seen for what it is.  Who he protect's should be seen for what it is."
"UPDATE: coming today on Roger's case VS Michael Johnson.  Roger was trying to get the case thrown out of court.
(How come when Johnson lost the motion for class action status it was up on Cyrkin's site, and posted here by DB with in a matter of minu…"
"The way that the law you post is DB is this.

The Plaintiff (RR Auction) must file in the jurisdiction of where the owner of said websites resides.
Which would be according to who RR is accusing of owning the websites, Mr. Johnson, and he lives in C…"
"Yes, it does look like they filed that lawsuit, too bad it was filed in the wrong court.  That will be tossed I think."