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"I found these:  2nd photo clearly shows that the item comes AUTOPENNED! 
The "ART OF THE DEAL" books had the same email with the same message."
Saw the new commercial for Burger King and was told that Michael Frost of PAAS is behind it.You can see it here, Michael Frost Selling hot dogs again...Good to see that cart of his will be put to good use after all.  Will he be able to keep the pape…
I saw a post on another message board during the week about JSA closing up shop in FL.  Now when I have the time to put something up about it, I can't find it. (The post)
Does anybody know if there is any truth to it?  I don't see anything on the…
"This is about right yes?"
Let have a discussion about this.  I noticed this on the other website, and after looking at the autographs I noticed something between these 2 photos that seem strange.  I want to see if others here see it like I do.
Heritage Auctions, which allo…
"Is anybody really shocked that this bum and liar and rat took money and then denied it?  He's a liar.  No big thing.  Mike Frost, AKA Dr. Fraud is just that..."
"He is a bum, and with all the crap he has done and the people that he has burned, can't you see why he has a few fake names?
I bet he has another one or two in the hopper as we speak."
"Mike will say that the above letter is not real, and not his stamp nor his signature.  The phone and email are correct but everything else is suspect and he has not a clue as to how it happened.
"Allen, did you happen to get a screen shot of that or know of anybody that did?  My guess is he will do anything to not be in front of a camera asking about his credientals or lack of them really, and his education, and his training etc...etc.  He h…"
"Everybody should challenge him, it's good for the soul!"

-Bill Mastro was sentenced to 20 months in a Federal prison over the summer and his former IT director,William Boehm, was sentenced to probation and house arrest for lying to FBI agents about destroying Mastro’s auction records in an attempt to…
A very good question that has the autograph world scratching their heads.  What is the lifetime guarantee that was once offered by R&R Auctions of Amherst NH.Much like the propaganda minister's before him, Joseph Goebbels, and Baghdad Bob, Bobby Liv…
"I don't understand why everybody is making such a bid deal about this not getting class action status.
My understanding is, Mr. Johnson brought this case forward because he was burned by itmes he got from RR, failing 3rd party authentication.  He tr…"
Affidavit Of Deceased Auction Exec Alleges Shill-Bidding & Fraud At RR By Eaton & Reznikoff Of PSA; Document Shows Fired CFO Feared For Safety Before Alleged SuicideMore Sharing ServicesShare|Share on emailShare on favoritesShare on printShare on fa…
"Don't you just love it when Frost proves how stupid he is:
On Wed, Mar 30, 2011 at 8:59 PM, a title="" href="">> wrote:Todd ,I logged in one time and I have having a hard time re lo…"