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I may be interested.  I purchase large collections and higher end material.  If you have a list email it to me at or call me at (972) 896-7742."
"I feel it should be clear that only Mastro and Allen have been charged.  I'd like to think there is an explanation by others so I'd be careful before rushing to judgement."
I wouldn't put this item in our auction but you should ask Koschal who wrote a book on Ali."
"Baru-  That's a good topic.
I represent both Raquel Welch and Bo Derek currently.  I use to represent Farrah Fawcett, Bettie Page and many others.  
I have asked this topic and the response I got was; "It's frightening.  I don't know if they are goi…"
"Frost?  Just continues with the nonsense

Reply by Michael Frost 36 minutes ago
 That is correct Chad.  now both Stephen Koschal and Mueller have joined in with there list of aliases on the planet fraud site. The only way this is all going to come t…"
My problem with Mike, which I typically ignore is he just cannot tell the truth about anything. It's insane. I wish he would just go away but I am definitely going to have to sue him again for business interference etc and just his crazy l…"
"I have no problem debating the facts against the false statements made by anyone.  However, when lawsuits are being filed, yet to be filed, are coming in time etc it's not a good thing to debate what will be handled in court on a blog.  And nobody w…"
I know you didn't and thanks for what you have said.  "
In 2011 I had no Cheetah monkey signatures to compare Frosts signing with.  Sorry about that.  He was trusted back then with this signing and I will gladly give a refund for this photo if it's returned.  I saw you had another question in a…"
"Chad-  I agree with Grant.  Your doing a great job.  
I wish Wascher wasn't silenced.  It seems everyone with tremendous knowledge about a certain subject is eventually silenced.  It's all about the agenda, not the autograph.  Wascher is welcome to…"
"I think Chad can do what he wants.  I think he is fine.  I wasn't banned on the other site, just realized it was "FIXED."  My lawyers are constantly asking me who this name is and that name that attacked me with lies on that site.  They are all fake…"
"Everyone keeps emails.  Mike Frost & Steve Cyrkin just don't put them in context.  I have hundreds I could share but haven't due to new litigation I am pursuing against these folks.  I could share plenty more that don't look good at all for them.  I…"
"Chad-  My first instinct is to share the contact that offered me these fake MJ artwork pieces.  But here's the problem with doing that.  I was just offered them, didn't buy them, am not a victim and I am not sure if the source was the forger, a midd…"
"I was offered these MJ sketches 4-5 months ago.  They didn't look right to me so I passed.  I am surprised others didn't see this and that it got out of control like it has.  If people who got taken are rectified I feel confident it will no longer b…"