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location - Sri Lanka

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"Daniel I think you meant Cyrkin not Grad.  I can't imagine Grad with his Napoleon complex getting in a fight outside of a midget wrestling event.  Napoleon was 5'7, Grad is considerably smaller.  His foul language defines his lack of professionalism…"
"People are scared to talk about the truth on Cyrkin's site.  Once this hit's google he's got a lot of explaining to do to those he pretends to honest with."
"Oh boy, speaking of pro bono I heard Stephen Duncan is contacting Christmas, Kelley attorney's at 10:00 A.M. on Monday and Nelson Deedle is funding it."
"I have seen this website.  It's a mess."
"Finally good to see a list of those trustworthy.  Many I have bought from are not on this list.  Oops.  Maybe I can still sell them on ebay with their authentication papers.  Will find out soon and let you know."
"It's a sad day for autograph collectors who believe in the authentication skills of a man who thinks he can play the guitar promoted by a company that cannot play a guitar.  Lot's of victims out there.  Time for some reform and exposure on what is r…"
"Many of the names on the shill bidding list will most likely continue to screw each other in the prison showers."
"The post is ugly but so are Frosts allegations against Koschal where he put on a website;
Stephen Koschal comes out of hiding January 2016 in Colorado Springs after months on the lam.
Koschal under investigation for Fraud, Forgery, Child Abuse and S…"
"Any thoughts on these two?
Janet Jackson
Bo Derek"
"It's nice to get some closure on this with examples and facts......instead of votes.
Thank God for Autograph Planet."
"I'm going to vote a strong 6.  Some people are out to lunch.