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"I'd heard Ed Bomsey is a douchbag.  Not good!"
Rumor has it that Steve Grad was served yesterday or earlier today by Mueller/Deedle at an autograph show where he was impersonating an autograph authenticator.
I'm thinking about bidding on this autograph of George W. Bush with impeccable provenance.  Before I bid on it does everyone agree this signature is genuine?;
"I've heard rumors that the UACC basically shut down six months ago.  As for Michael Hecht you may not be aware that the Manuscript Society whose membership is dropping, has dropped Michael Hecht from being head of the membership committee.  This was…"
"With all these problems you would think the president of the U.A.C.C. would resign.  They haven't commented on the shill bidding, the imprisonment of Doug Allen and Bill Mastro and those to come.  In fact not only do they do nothing about this crimi…"
"Mr. Koschal.  That was only a little over 4 years ago and I believe he would still think the same thing if it wasn't for that appearance at All Star Sports.  That's about the time when Mike ran into Jerry Maren, the lollipop kid from the Wizard of O…"
"I saw Mike at the national waddling around with his female scuttle.  He was carrying a black purse.  I thought about using his service but then I googled his name and that was enough to realize he is someone to avoid.  I'm shocked his theft of submi…"
"what a wonderful idea.  I hope this helps clean up the hobby."
"it appears the only legitimate dealer listed is Mike Minor of Lone Star Autographs who passed away several years ago. Oh my! Obviously he's one of the many members listed who is most likely not paying dues."