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"Dear J. Ryan,
Many thanks for your kind words and support.  There's and evil blowhard in the UACC that is very upset that I resigned from that group. Not only did he fabricate all the absolutely false allegations about me he also posted my personal…"
"Miles. I can offer you a wonderful signed photo, black & white, full face of Falk with a cigar in his mouth. A very bold, black ink (Sharpie) inscription with fabulous contrast "To Ray, with all good wishes, Peter Falk".  Half the Sanders price guid…"
"Is he making a mistake?  Could he be the consignor as well. Can he come up with a source of the item?????"
"Excellent job Grant! Fine study for me to add to my reference files. It woudn't surprise me if one of those who issued a COA was also a consignor to an auction.  It's even more possible that one who signed one of these Certificates can't come up wit…"
"Brad, thanks for your phone call, nice talking to you.
I looked at your Muhammad Ali/Cassius Clay "99" item and all I can say is that if you check out my book, page 43 you will see Ali signatures from the late 90's.  Your's dated "99" just doesn't f…"
"This is in response to Richard's question directed to me.
There is no question that Mike Frost and his P.A.A.S. Certificates was removed from eBay. Frost through a few who had an inside contact with eBay got friendly with John Gonzalez who was the F…"
"Excellent post, the type we should see more of here. Unfortunately there are crooks in this hobby and new collectors need to be advised by those who have been in this hobby.
I recently spent time with one of the top three recognizable male actors in…"
"I received two phone calls just this morning and both were basically the same:
"What's wrong with this guy Mike Frost"
"Mike Frost is one sick dude and is the key to wripping apart this hobby, he is a one little boy wrecking crew, what a piece of sh…"
"For Daniel & Jeffects, not everybody in this hobby is as smart as you both think you are!"
"Pissed off attack????  Only the facts about a serial fraudster.  No vendetta here, again, just documented facts. Unlike you who are already aware of these facts, many others are not.  If we can save one collector from being defrauded, then it's a jo…"
"Thanks Chad, interesting observation and you are right.  Let's hear from a few others."
"I was asked to jump in here because there is some untruths/mis-information that I can clear up. As co-founder of the original IACC/DA and the IADA I can assure everyone that Roger Epperson was indeed a member. See illustrations from the official mem…"
"Did you ever see or hear Mike Frost deny his affection for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi's?  Take a moment and once again read the above article. There are quite a few specifics above. His one man show of John Wayne Gacy, his capability of inviting the…"
"The Dr. Frost business card came from his shop in Hollywood, Florida. It was called "The Show Emporium, & Coney Island Hot Dog Cafe". Just a few feet from the hot dog wagon is where Frost also ran his "PAAS" opinion service. On the front counter was…"