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"How about $3,000 for a fake sig:
or $5,000:
Over $2,000 has changed hands on these the last couple of weeks…"
"Found one.The different pen tip widths and slightly different placements on the bookplates mean these aren't printed. There are many of these being offered right now at $300 and up."
"My suggestion to those that want a Trump would be to wait at least a year. 1) If the autopen story is accurate, it will give those that study these things time to discover the pattern or patterns. 2) Prices always spike after an unexpected event, an…"
"Great post. I don't have one, but I would have been fooled."
"I believe that he has been a fairly good signer over the years but the opportunities very rarely present themselves with someone of this magnitude.
I have no idea how long it took him to sign these but, regardless, they're pretty damn good for someo…"
"According to the UACC website, Passamenti/Monte was expelled from the club for selling non-authentic material. How bad do you have to be at this to have arrogate authenticators at the UACC claim you're an idiot?"
"Earlier in this thread I highlighted a baseball purportedly signed by Christy Mathewson. I expressed doubts about the authenticity of the signature as well as that of the exemplar on the PSA website. Both sigs looked very labored, slowly written and…"
"The Prince stuff is back. I think I bungled my search the other day. I don't know what genuine Prince signatures look like, but I'm pretty sure these aren't it. Don't waste your money."
"Prince will be heavily forged for years to come and large sums of money will change hands between unscrupulous sellers and blindly hopeful buyers, as expected.
I did a search yesterday on ebay and there were virtually none. I'm assuming that they've…"
"And are these any better? My point in all of this was to demonstrate the ignorance of the PSA/DNA authenticators and any dealer that relies on their knowledge and not their own is speaking volumes about their own lack of expertise of this hobby.Anyo…"
"I'll finish my thought since everyone seems dying to know. And the slabbing probably gave these away but all of these were authenticated by PSA/DNA. Am I missing something? Is there a chance that any of these are genuine?"
"I don't know why he'd re-write the manifesto after making a few minor alterations. Your guess is as good as mine. What I find arrogant about it is that it says in no uncertain terms that, for buyers to conclude that a dealer is offering authentic ma…"
"Agreed. And Trump has a cool sig. It looks like a strip chart during an earthquake.
AML is fast becoming a major source of entertainment for me. I took issue with a 'Travis Wallace' regarding a Stephen King signature. Now someone has requested opini…"
"Both gems are offered by the same seller: sig21 who may just be an unsuspecting dupe. These guys, however, sell King fakes more or less constantly: georgiaantiques, booksandcomicsandthings, allstarbooks2010 and tiggermew."
"Not to beat a dead horse but I have to post these. These are two books purportedly signed by Stephen King currently offered on ebay. Someone at PSA/DNA who is in the wrong line of work thinks that both books are not only authentically signed, but th…"
"This beats the hell out of this year's Emerald City Comicon. I know I'm getting old but I simply don't know who hardly any of the celebrity guests are this year. The only one is Sean Astin and I've met him. But, I'll go for the people watching. It c…"