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It appears that the James Patterson sigs are autopenned, even those originating from the booksignings. The Pattersons below are on the books so I'm not certain if Patterson is not attending the signings and they are offered as 'pre-signed' by him or…
Barnes and Noble currently has 75 signed titles on sale on their website, many at very reasonable prices. And one not.
"How about $3,000 for a fake sig:
or $5,000:
Over $2,000 has changed hands on these the last couple of weeks…"
"Found one.The different pen tip widths and slightly different placements on the bookplates mean these aren't printed. There are many of these being offered right now at $300 and up."
"My suggestion to those that want a Trump would be to wait at least a year. 1) If the autopen story is accurate, it will give those that study these things time to discover the pattern or patterns. 2) Prices always spike after an unexpected event, an…"
"I believe that he has been a fairly good signer over the years but the opportunities very rarely present themselves with someone of this magnitude.
I have no idea how long it took him to sign these but, regardless, they're pretty damn good for someo…"
"According to the UACC website, Passamenti/Monte was expelled from the club for selling non-authentic material. How bad do you have to be at this to have arrogate authenticators at the UACC claim you're an idiot?"
"This beats the hell out of this year's Emerald City Comicon. I know I'm getting old but I simply don't know who hardly any of the celebrity guests are this year. The only one is Sean Astin and I've met him. But, I'll go for the people watching. It c…"
"With Washington State's tax rate, the books came to about $27.00 each. The store probably has quite a few extras if you'd like one."
Blues Traveler frontman, John Popper, was promoting his book, 'Suck and Blow' last evening at Elliott Bay Books. I was very surprised at the low turnout. A mere 12-14 people were in attendance but he was open, enthusiastic and engaging. Anyone who s…
With the impending opening of 'Batman vs. Superman', the fake signed posters, photos, etc. will no doubt be emerging if they haven't already. One of it's stars, Jesse Eisenberg, was in Seattle a few months ago promoting his book, 'Bream Gives Me the…
"In a hobby with no shortage of questionable practices, this one is one of the worst offenses I can think of. True, you own what you buy and those items are yours to do with as you please. But collectors and dealers should have some sense of responsi…"
"I think I paid by check. This was a long, long time ago. I was a member for several months and it just wasn't worth the fight over a few dollars. I was already spending way more time than should have been necessary to obtain refunds. In three instan…"
"This seller has recently added two copies of Barack Obama's book, 'The Audacity of Hope' to his listings, one signed by the President and one by the First Lady. Not."