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I like reading your stories but when you write about the UACC it's like beating a dead horse.  This club hasn't been around for at least 15 years.  It died long ago.  Reading you talk about it is funny but not relevant.  I'd rather hear you t…"
"I've been looking at this all day. I think I am onto something. Notice this guitar purchased from RR Auction.  It came with a COA from Roger.  It looks just like Duncan's examples with the open "D's."  It sold to Michael Johnson who had PSA look at…"
"+2 about credibility of the auction house.  Fine outfit but this is awful.
Legally, I think Mr. Cyrkin could be held liable for promoting this material.  He's basically endorsing it or taking their money and not caring.  Either way is a black eye fo…"
"Your correct Grant!
Ballroomdays67 is trying to break out as an expert but the ego's in the wrong won't allow it.  Too stiffling.  That zarelli guy.  Isn't he suppose to an expert on Lloyd Bridges or something?  Why is he commenting?
AML is great co…"
"Ballroomdays67 has his work cut out on a site where they still believe that fish fly

Good gig though.  Delete all experts.  Keep idiots and all consenting wrong opinions.  Have a vote.  Boner after boner.
Embarrassing to the hobby having idiots run…"
"Sorry, I just googled Steve Cyrkin and realize I'm new to this and didn't know Cyrkin's past history. "
"If Cyrkin really deleted that strong piece of evidence he is proving he is a fraud.  A cover up.  If he thinks he is right, why hide the truth?
I don't trust anything he says.  I wouldn't trust any "so called expert" he may recommend. 
I just don't…"
"Grant, I agree.  It will never end.  RR has every right to counter sue Johnson for buying forgeries from them and not getting a refund.  So they are suing him for registering their trademarked name before they registered it.  After all there are oth…"
"I have no dog in this but the depositions of Bob Eaton made him look very dishonest.  Maybe he had a really very bad day so I would like to see him do it again until I comment further.  When are Steve Cyrkin's depositions in this case?  I'm looking…"
"We may not know what authenticators go through."
"The idea of selling stationary and stickers is genius.  But the concept has been around a long time."
"It takes a special kind of person to believe that this magical universe and the opinions given may be correct."
"If it weren't always"
"It's magical"
"As if there is some power that exists that the rest of us cannot comprehend"
"That the followers still believe opinions of some to be true"