Miles Vanderbeak

Gender male

location - San Ramon, Ca.

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"AML likes to alter titles it seems. Wonder why?
After Alteration:"
"All of this support is overwhelming! It brings tears to my eyes. The fact that so many still have faith in me after I have blown so many previous endeavours. It's an uphill battle, a battle like no other, yet I am the martyr chosen to lift the rest…"
"What has the silly maneuver accomplished? Not much. A mere drop in the bucket, with the additional burden of having now monetized relationships that were once free of such consideration. Now they all feel that they are owed something, their eyes on…"
"@frank Simmons July 6, 2017 at 8:17pm
Consider the income and gift tax liability that will be generated?

Who knows? If generated publicly directly under the nose of the IRS? A quality mouthpiece don't come cheap.

Do those funds throw you up a brac…"
"Pro Se, (the anxiety really kicks in around 3:30 a.m.):"
"Personally I like to donate to the Salvation Army!
Helps people who really need it."
"Meltdown is an understatement? Perhaps?
What a way for a grown man to spend his holiday. Gotta kinda feel sorry for the old feller."
"What I find so confusing is the contradictory level of "expertise" that comes from AML.
Here you had Mr. Cyrkin chiming in on what he felt must be a "Judith" secretarial:
Now isn't this the same styled signature that is currently Available at Roger…"
"Congarats Raiderchef on that Oakland victory over Houston Monday night in Mexico city. Nuttin' good ever comes out of Houston anyways?"
"Rampant fraud,market manipulation, lack of liquidity make autographs a rather poor choice to ever be come considered any kind of serious investment. A hobby only!"