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"Todd Mueller's case was won in the same manner.
Both cases will advance to the trial courts where now even more depositions will be done of Bob Eaton, People at PSA/DNA, and JSA, Roger Epperson and more.

More info to be added to this as it comes ou…"
BREAKING NEWS!!!!From: Metropolitan newsMonday, December 18, 2017 Page 1 Court of Appeal:Proclaiming Autographs to Be Bogus Wasn’t Protected SpeechOpinion Says General Public Doesn’t Care if Company Is Selling Authentic Signatures By a MetNews Staff…
Anybody else happen to see what is going on over at the magazine over the weekend?It would seem that he has been deleting members and posts like a madman!  What it really comes down to is anything that was posted prior to 2017 it appears to be delet…
Finally after almost 5 years from the filing of the lawsuit, RR Auctions finally settling in on their 8th different set of lawyers the Honorable Judge Donna Geck has set the trail date for the Michael Johnson VS R&R Auctions case.                   …
The website has been updated with rejection letters from GLOBAL AUTHENTICS!You can see the rejection letters here: Detailed Rejection LettersEach item sold by R&R Auctions came with a R&R Auctions COA and a Roger Epperson, REAL COA.  Each item FAILE…
To view the Filings:

RR's motion for renewal 3rd
MJ reply to RR filing
RR's reply to MJ's
Judge's ruling and sanctions

R&R auctions just keep filing the same motion over and over, hoping for a better outcome in the same courtroom.

Prior to ALL of…
"I'm curious as to what Mr. Burris thinks of this action by Roger.
If there is any doubt that he did any of this, just look at his past actions.  I loved the summery judgement that he filed.
Said he didn't do ANY business with Mr. Johnson since befor…"
"There is one where he acts like a Moose, maybe the Rocky and Bullwinkle show staring Bobby Livingston?"
I saw this on the public forum of Facebook, and was wondering, is this the same Bobby Livingston that works for R and R auctions? The same Bobby that is involved in the lawsuits?  The same Bobby that prior to 2008 had never worked with autographs, a…
"DB:  I'm just going by what is posted on the Harris county website.  If you go by what has been posted throughout each case, as far as PASSED and DENIED, it's not hard to piece things together, especially when there was a appeal in the case already.…"
"So when it says that his "entry of judgment" was "DENIED" (which it was) that's just nothing then?
HE LOST!  Just like the notice that went out in October stating, that Roger had to have a TRIAL DATE or a SETTLEMENT IN THIS CASE or it would be DISMI…"
"Well these people selling this are trying to get the most for their money.  They can cut the document up and sell each word, or group of words for some money to re-coup whatever they are out on the document.  With the news of the shill bidding going…"
"Do you think they wear those big white cowboy hats when they go to the strip clubs to be with those Asian strippers?  YEA-HAW BUDDY!!!!!"
"Keeping with what I just posted in the Todd Mueller case.  Here is what Roger filed in this case:
That the Zeppelin item was not found to be authentic by a agreed upon expert.  That Roger Epperson offers a 100% money back LIFETIME guarantee of authe…"
"Anybody else look at what he filed with the courts?  Below are excerpts from his actual filed court documents.  I encourage everybody to get a account with the office of Harris County and look up the cases themselves, it is a free service.  I can't…"