Karl Janesky

Gender male

location - Essex ct

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"I recently went to the UACC  site and made an attempt to buy from the UACC store with no success.  The online store is not working at all.  I think the only updates on the site is Al Wittnebert taking over as President.  I also saw the  GO FUND ME p…"
"I had the same experience. I sent in an article about Lillian Gish to "Ps & Qs" , Pen & Quill,  my article appeared word for word, but someone else was listed as the Author.
I corrosponded with Lillian Gish for nearly a decade. My article reflected…"
"I  cringed a few times while watching Mr Grad on PAWN STARS. He is a very good talker, but that is as far as it goes. "
"Stephen, One of the Science teachers that I worked with retired. You signed a copy of the Ad for the Alien Autograph for me, to give him. He really got a kick out of it. I work in my old High School and to be honest, I think of every staff member as…"
"I joined the UACC  in the mid 1980's. They had an informative magazine that was printed on magazine stock. This magazine held valuable information. Four times per year, the UACC had a wonderful autograph show in New York. I allowed my membership to…"
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