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"I forgot to include the LOA's that also come with this starter kit.  That's an extra .15cent value thrown in for free"
"I will contribute for sale 100%, yes, 100% of the sale of a 3X5 card signed by Dan Quayle to Miles cause of owning his start up franchise.  Asking price, only $50 with 100%, yes $100% going to Miles dreams of owning his own franchise.  Good luck Mil…"
Autograph Authentication company for sale.  We only have 7 of these start up companies for sale so act now.

For just $99.99 you will purchase your own company!  You will become a top level autograph authentication firm.
This price includes a magnif…
"The shill bidding list can be found here.  All those implicated are still working for authentication houses and third party authentication companies.  No news on further indictments yet."
CHIN MUSIC: List Of Mastro Shill-Bidders Released; Auction & TPA Bigs Implicated; REAs Lifson Allegedly Retiring; New Book From KeurajianShare|By Peter J. NashFebruary 1, 2016ShareThisAll hell has broken loose in the hobby now that the Mastro shill…
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