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"He has no shame just taking the last $20 from someone with no job, out of work.  He doesn't have a lawyer so these donations will just go into his pocket.  I'd give the guy $20, not S. Cyrkin but the guy that gave his last $20"
"I forgot to include the LOA's that also come with this starter kit.  That's an extra .15cent value thrown in for free"
"I will contribute for sale 100%, yes, 100% of the sale of a 3X5 card signed by Dan Quayle to Miles cause of owning his start up franchise.  Asking price, only $50 with 100%, yes $100% going to Miles dreams of owning his own franchise.  Good luck Mil…"
"Not good PR to have the folks at rr auction let their thugs err authenticators attack competitors.  Wouldn't look good if all their authenticators wind up getting sued.  But if the shill bidding claims are true they may want to make Sammy the Bull a…"
"The shill bidding list can be found here.  All those implicated are still working for authentication houses and third party authentication companies.  No news on further indictments yet."
"Another story written on this subject."
I agree.  I don't really understand shill bidding other then to make someone pay more then they would have otherwise.  I see some names mentioned over and over again as the consignor, bidder, and even winner so I don't know how anyone was affect…"
that is interesting.  I always thought shill bidding was using a fake bid to make someone else pay higher.  Such as bidding against a ceiling bid.  But the definition is;
Shill bidding happens when anyone—including family, friends, roommates, em…"
"Then net54 published Doug Allen's Shill Bidding report.  I would think being on this list would not be a good thing."
I think it's about time for legislation while I am certain others will hate it.  Also noteworthy."
"I heard through an anonymous source that Todd Mueller is adding Steve Zarelli and the UACC to his Federal Anti-Trust lawsuits.  Can anyone confirm this?"
"It's good to see there are autograph experts in the autograph industry. 
Thanks Grant!  Thanks Autograph Planet! Thanks JW Whitten for making it clearer than it already was."
"Grant, I was thinking the same thing. 
Cyrkin insinuated to one of his collusion buddies that he was Bruce Juice.  This person has since flipped realizing they are helping the forgery industry and they no longer want to be a part of Cyrkin or what h…"
"I've been following this and there are some intelligent responses on Cyrkin's thread which may be deleted by Cyrkin. These comments I agree with and are here;
Reply by Sidney Fields yesterday Putting aside the merits of the underlying case, this doe…"