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Just thought i would ask as i buy from them quite a bit and wanted to make sure its on to buy from them,but will now have a look at the ones on the list."
"just wondering if Autograph World are a reputable dealer"
"Unsure of provenance as it was in my grandfathers collection"
"So I guess I will never know whether this is genuine or not"
"That's how it seems to be as there has been a few unscrupulous dealers out there giving autographs a bad choice to invest in"
"Being Jimi Hendrix,that could be possible.i suppose I will never know the authenticity of it.

This is the only forum I have asked and won't go to any other forum for advise."
"I know what you mean after comparing yours to mine,there is a slight difference,
Who can I ask if mine is genuine"
"I framed this muslef"
"The examples I saw on the link you provided vary compared to what I posted"
"Not sure how to prove wrong but I have compared to other Hendrix and looks similar but I'm only an amateur in autographs"
"Who is Liz Shaw?"
Its on a piece of old paper signed in pencil,been framed up with a photo of Jimi
i inherited from my grandfather back in the 80's as he had a collection of memorabilia
"Can anyone assist on how can someone advise other collectors to be wary of what they buy in general from other dealers"
"thanks for your input guys.
If I see anything else I like,i will run it by you guys before I buy.
how can someone advise other collectors to be wary of what they buy in general from other dealers
looks like another dealer that thinks he knows what h…"

I have just started collecting autographs and I attend quite a few comic cons here in Australia.
I happen to come across a autograph dealer his name is Robert Williams that exhibits at the cons locall…