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Looks like there is something going on at PSA/DNA.  Steve Grad AKA the "DREAMCRUSHER" seems to be not part of "the team" anymore.
Most of his video's on YOUTUBE have been removed, or marked "private" and the ones that are there have been edited to r…
"Have a good question for the group here.  Now that it is coming out that all of these people associated with autographs have no education, no background in it, most didn't even go to college or if they did failed or didn't get degrees. Will they sto…"
"While it does seem that Ebay does get to do whatever it wants to, they make a lot of money doing it, and lets face it, who's going to stop them?  Themselves?  I don't think so.  Not at this time.As far as the "frivolous lawsuits" go.  If they were,…"
"Frank, not sure if you know it or not, but giving a opinion of another person's stock is actually a crime.
It can be called business interference.  If you put down another persons item you can be sued.
Hence all of the lawsuits being filed and going…"
"Look at what that half wit is doing.  He takes whatever names he see's on blogs and makes them members of his autograph club, just so he can add numbers to it and then say that he "banned" them.  How can you ban a person who is not a real actual mem…"
"HA HA!  Very good point's Mr. Tren!
He sure is a IGNORAMUSES!  I loved those Jethro photos, he along with that grease mullet he wears sure does look like Jethro!  Did he make it past the 6th grade though?  His actions don't show that."
100% False accusations by Michael Frost of PAAS.  Have you noticed, that every person that says something about him, right away has a story about them on that site?
The lawyers are LOVING what he is doing from what I have been told.  Everybo…"
"Dr. Frost strikes again.  What a loser this guy is!"
ESPN has reported yesterday that more than 2,000 authenticated signatures by Winston have been found on the James Spence Authentication website.James Spence Authentication certified more than 500 autographs of Gurley, who is being investigated for a…
"Then it is important that he is reported to the proper authorities!  He will of course DENY it and say that this is made up, but as long as somebody has that card, he won't be able to run from it for too long.  He has been reported to MLB, and they…"
"The UACC's ethics person says it best here about Michael Frost of PAAS and his use of the IADA-CC website for his personal attacks:
Comment by Steve Zarelli 
I am stunned the IADA-CC would post a vicious personal attack on their news page. I thought…"
This sums it up best, but the UACC's own ethic's director:
Comment by Steve Zarelli 

I am stunned the IADA-CC would post a vicious personal attack on their news page. I thought this was a legitimate organization. It’s completely inappropriate and…
Michael Frost has appointed me as a officer in the IADA-CC club.I would like to vote to have him removed from the club.He should be kicked out and banned.  That is my vote.
I saw this story in the news over here in the UK, thought it should be posted for all to see.
This is truly amazing!  James Spence himself sells a item in 1993, and later fails the very item when it was sent into his company JSA.
This is truly ama…
"I think that it's a good question.  WHERE IS THE MONEY??

Why is it when he does big authentication jobs he has the checks made out to his mother?
This guy is hiding left and right, and then look at all of those court cases!  WOW!  He can't seem to…"