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"Have a good question for the group here.  Now that it is coming out that all of these people associated with autographs have no education, no background in it, most didn't even go to college or if they did failed or didn't get degrees. Will they sto…"
This goes to show just how much ST Joan of Cyrkin clearly has his head up his kiester as you would say!  While some of the items were "vintage sports" not everything in those auctions were, and Rezinkoff like he did at RR Auction's, big on his o…"
"The (cartel)club has nobody to blame but themselves.  They try to please a few and overlook the many and that is the sole reason for it's decline.
The rules state.  All dealers must offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all items sold!
I guess in the fine p…"
"While it does seem that Ebay does get to do whatever it wants to, they make a lot of money doing it, and lets face it, who's going to stop them?  Themselves?  I don't think so.  Not at this time.As far as the "frivolous lawsuits" go.  If they were,…"
"That's a BINGO!!!   I agree, good for Mr. Mueller and Deddle for standing up to these people.

I was looking at this: Anti-trust sentencing info
If this applies to this case, it could be HUGE for those invoved, if, IF convicted.
This law penalizes i…"
"Also, notice that as soon as more and more people saw what was going on, and were commenting on the RR case, how he shut his site down, and came up with "Rules" for the website.  Anybody making comments from that point forward has to have there real…"
Anybody that has ever written on that website, or knows him, will tell you, Steve Cyrkin is a CONTROL FREAK!  Bordering on it being a obsession.
He wants to control every single thing, up to what people write and are allowed to see.
This is…"
"Reply by roger epperson Nov 27th 2014Chris,No one likes to be "stalked" and that is what they do.  Also God only knows what they are going to do with what is said as I have seen things that they do that would make your skin crawl.  I respect that so…"
"Reply by roger epperson Nov 26 2014I believe it is illegal to post under a false name on a blog site, a simple discovery question will answer if Todd Mueller is posting under this title.  He even admits that he did at 3:36 am.  I call that Todd thir…"
"Heard that the Lewis family is interested in joining the lawsuits going on.  Wild and vicious false statements made against Jerry Lee have been proved to be unfound and wrong.  The family feels it is in their best interest to step up and speak out a…"
"Reply by Michael Frost nov 21 2014John Jacob Dryer one of the hobby's legends and one of the voices of the fraud community's Autograph Planet said :John Jacob Dryer November 21, 2014 at 2:27pmWOW, Michael Frost sure isn't very smart.  He just proved…"
"If there is one person in the autograph industry that should not be making comments on signatures on re-issued items, it's Roger Robert Epperson, of REAL and Signed Sealed Delivered.  One has to just laugh when you see him chiming in on the Charity…"