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Looks like there is something going on at PSA/DNA.  Steve Grad AKA the "DREAMCRUSHER" seems to be not part of "the team" anymore.
Most of his video's on YOUTUBE have been removed, or marked "private" and the ones that are there have been edited to r…
"Have a good question for the group here.  Now that it is coming out that all of these people associated with autographs have no education, no background in it, most didn't even go to college or if they did failed or didn't get degrees. Will they sto…"
"While it does seem that Ebay does get to do whatever it wants to, they make a lot of money doing it, and lets face it, who's going to stop them?  Themselves?  I don't think so.  Not at this time.As far as the "frivolous lawsuits" go.  If they were,…"