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"To answer the OP's question, there is a lot of information out there, use it and ask yourself, how could somebody that says they are the "worlds best" make so many mistakes?
Why would a guy not just give a refund of money on a item?  Why go through…"
"WOW!  Very interesting!  What a great find!

1/2 BILLION dollar in sales.  MASTRO'S is always re-inventing themselves.
He started the auction in 1996, saw it as a SALES and AUCTION.  To get people with CHARACTER  and INTEGRITY that are second to non…"
National Disgrace: PSA & JSA Deliver Another Hobby Fraud In The Midst Of Federal Anti-Trust Lawsuits & FBI Probes (Special Report Part 1)More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on emailShare on favoritesShare on printShare on facebookShare on twitterBy Pet…
" Luckey has his own criminal record as a confessed drug dealer and convicted felon who was caught distributing narcotics in 1986 as well as having 5-50 lbs of marijuana in his possession. He had also been arrested for distributing narcotics three ye…"
The Lion Roars: Net54’s Leon Luckey Busted Selling Stolen NYPL Relic In Heritage Auction; $100K Card from 1869 Still Shows Library Lion Stamp & Traces Back To Lifson & Halper (UPDATE)

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"“Consumers might be lured to the auction market for sports memorabilia and other collectibles by an emotional attachment to an item or purely as a calculated investment, but, as the allegations in this case demonstrate, bidders must remain mindful o…"
"Well would you look at that, they took out the mention that this sold at Mastro's before.
This auction house is hiding something.  Why pull out the mention that this sold at Mastro's???  Because it was found that the hair was fake??
Unreal what some…"
"Has anybody reached out to her to see why she is still selling these items with Roger's cert?"
"If you go here : dates and deadlines
you will see that they are about 3 auctions ahead and closing in on the 4th. 
It will remain to be seen what happens, as emails to them have not been returned when asking about this, silence speaks volume's.  The…"
"I think what this post was doing is simply pointing out that Eaton is no longer on PSA's website, his photo and bio were removed after the 1st of the year.
(due to the class action lawsuit involving both RR Auctions, Bob Eaton, PSA and Roger Epperso…"
Funny you should mention Autograph Magazine Live, as that is where I saw the post about it.  A worried collector put up that it had happened and expressed there concern.  I'm just trying to find out if it's true or not.

I see them…"