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"To answer the OP's question, there is a lot of information out there, use it and ask yourself, how could somebody that says they are the "worlds best" make so many mistakes?
Why would a guy not just give a refund of money on a item?  Why go through…"
"WOW!  Very interesting!  What a great find!

1/2 BILLION dollar in sales.  MASTRO'S is always re-inventing themselves.
He started the auction in 1996, saw it as a SALES and AUCTION.  To get people with CHARACTER  and INTEGRITY that are second to non…"
National Disgrace: PSA & JSA Deliver Another Hobby Fraud In The Midst Of Federal Anti-Trust Lawsuits & FBI Probes (Special Report Part 1)More Sharing ServicesShare|Share on emailShare on favoritesShare on printShare on facebookShare on twitterBy Pet…
" Luckey has his own criminal record as a confessed drug dealer and convicted felon who was caught distributing narcotics in 1986 as well as having 5-50 lbs of marijuana in his possession. He had also been arrested for distributing narcotics three ye…"
The Lion Roars: Net54’s Leon Luckey Busted Selling Stolen NYPL Relic In Heritage Auction; $100K Card from 1869 Still Shows Library Lion Stamp & Traces Back To Lifson & Halper (UPDATE)

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