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"WOW!!!  Look at what STEVE CYRKIN has gotten himself into now!  You would think a person would learn to shut up after digging that big of a hole!  NOPE!  He just keeps going don't he?
Now all the people can see what they are "helping to pay for" too…"
"One has to just love the infighting.  Let them destroy each other from the inside."
"The stuff seems to be there, I think the "search" function of his site is broke.  There are parts that have been deleted however.  I believe he is deleting things.
I did notice that one very interesting 8 page blog post made by Roger Epperson is gon…"
"To answer the OP's question, there is a lot of information out there, use it and ask yourself, how could somebody that says they are the "worlds best" make so many mistakes?
Why would a guy not just give a refund of money on a item?  Why go through…"
"WOW!  Very interesting!  What a great find!

1/2 BILLION dollar in sales.  MASTRO'S is always re-inventing themselves.
He started the auction in 1996, saw it as a SALES and AUCTION.  To get people with CHARACTER  and INTEGRITY that are second to non…"
"This is a excellent topic.
Why is it, when Jerry Gladstone was fooled with photographs from a supplier on autographed items, did Steve Cyrkin go on to NATIONAL TV to talk about in. (Inside Edition) and other media outlets.

YET when Roger Epperson h…"
"I agree this is a good topic.  Also while you do the DUE DILIGENCE in checking out a person or trying to get more information, you have the right to check into a person's credientials.
When you get those, it's important to check into those also.
"The federal anti-trust lawsuit mentioned, also includes, Roger Epperson, REAL of Houston Texas, Steve Cyrkin, of Autograph Magazine Live CA, and RR Auctions, Bob Eaton, MA"
" Luckey has his own criminal record as a confessed drug dealer and convicted felon who was caught distributing narcotics in 1986 as well as having 5-50 lbs of marijuana in his possession. He had also been arrested for distributing narcotics three ye…"
"Reply by AC 3 hours agoMike no one is intimated by you but it's good that you think that they are and that you can actually hold credit in the industry"
"Reply by JBS 10 hours agoMike Frost = A.D.D. poster. So confusingHow many people would actually send an Ali autograph to him to get authenticated vs PSA/DNA or JSA so they can get top dollar? The forgeries in the past with PAAS easter egg COA's were…"
"Thought this was a little funny, by St. Joan of Cyrkin...

 Reply by Steve Cyrkin, Community Manager 17 hours agoThese names were for a Yahoo! report that I passed on after I saw they also contacted someone at Autograph Planet about it. But it's an…"
Yes!  That's the same Mike Frost.  Who posted that 5 times on the old forum because it was taken down by the mods.  He posted it, it would be taken down, he would put it back up, over and over and over again.
Now they are friends, but Cyrkin…"
"Does Ali's current wife and legal team know about this?  Should they be contacted so they are aware of what is going on?
Michael Frost and Khalilah Ali will be offering a special service expressively for the authentication of Muhammad Ali Autographs…"
"Michael Frost said he was teaching, yet he was the one that was "schooled"  Once again, this mental midgit has not answered any questions that he was asked, and has deleted PAAS items from his computer.
Reply by AC yesterdayJust so you know Steiner…"