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"Get him Terrior! He's making a fool of Roger! Where's Perry Cox?"
"It's too late!"
James posted a blog post
Its been 10 months since Roger Epperson gave a FREE authentcitiy review; I bet he wished he did not. What are the chances that the first one out of the gate was a complete disaster?? He keeps proving himself over and over again... as a nonexpert.
"Steve Grad is horrible.  He doesn't know the Beatles either.  I have learned so much this summer.  Thank you Autograph Planet!"
"Todd if Roger Epperson thought it was real it probably isn't.  I have learned a lot this summer about authenticators."
"Oh God, Bob Eaton and Bill White also signed off on these forgeries.  Why is this being ignored?"
"Looks like Roger Epperson screwed up again.  I am not an expert but even I saw the starts and stops. I wonder why those clowns at the other site don't give credit where credit is due?  BAWAHAHAHA!"
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