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"Get him Terrior! He's making a fool of Roger! Where's Perry Cox?"
"It's too late!"
"Steve Grad is horrible.  He doesn't know the Beatles either.  I have learned so much this summer.  Thank you Autograph Planet!"
"Todd if Roger Epperson thought it was real it probably isn't.  I have learned a lot this summer about authenticators."
"Mr. Burris I am sorry for your loss.  Do you know if these 5 boxes of paperwork will be put up on the net?  It would be nice they they got their own website."
"Oh God, Bob Eaton and Bill White also signed off on these forgeries.  Why is this being ignored?"
"Looks like Roger Epperson screwed up again.  I am not an expert but even I saw the starts and stops. I wonder why those clowns at the other site don't give credit where credit is due?  BAWAHAHAHA!"
"I once gave Roger Epperson $15 for a quick opinion.  Boy, $15 can fill up a lot of bathtubs!!"