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"Why would he meet you?  To show how much he doesn't know?
If you were interviewing him to proclaim he was an expert he'd likely be there wearing his skull rings and fancy jewelry but if your going to show he's an imposter don't expect a response"
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May 31, 2016 By Rich MuellerA third member of the now defunct Mastro Auctions team has been sentenced for his role in a long-running shill bid scheme.Mark Theotikos, 55, was sentenced to 12 months and one day in federal prison on Tuesday.  His forme…
"This statement in the responses;

If Net 54 was not so badly censored by Luckey, board members would quickly learn that he’s hated by the entirety of the hobby and trusted by no one.
Comment by Bill C. — February 1, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

This statement…"
"Who is doing this?  Do you know?"
"Dear Mr. Koscal
most everyone believes the club is basically non-existence.  Anyone close to the hobby knows how much good you did for the uacc.  The sanctions they created were and still are a joke.  Shame on that club.  Why don't you call Johnson'…"
"I'll stick with the Michael Jackson artwork with Epperson's COA. They haven't been recalled so they must still be real"
"Wow, the administrator knows his/her's stuff.  Who is Thomas Pynchon?  He is without a doubt the most valuable living person whose autograph is the most valuable.  I never heard of him.  Sounds like an author.
"I have heard rumors that Frost isn't really even his last name.  Who runs and hides from their heritage?  Does anybody have any proof this is true?"
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After reeding about Mike Frost and his facination with John Wayne Gacy I thought I could trust him.  So I picked up this painting recently that he had done authenticated.  Then I found out it was a fake.  The painting is dated by Gacy? on the revers…
"It's spelled College, not Collage"
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Reply by Fuddjcal 2 minutes ago"You mentioned the photo's I purchased off of E BAY. Did it ever occur to you I might have done so because there was something wrong with them"No it occurred to me that you know the difference between the real thing an…
"And everyone loves Dolly.  Well, a real Dolly"
"Sophia Loren's signature is very distinguished.  This isn't one of them."