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"Thanks for your help, Grant. Here's another that follows your logic about the scaling of the Jimi over Hendrix. I'm quite sure this one is good, and it's possible that it dates to April, 1967, which was when Hendrix was on tour in England with Engel…"
"I get it. Thanks for what you're providing here."
"Don't the components line up the same in the authentic piece that are pointed out with the red arrows? If I'm understanding you correctly, that would then be odd. Again, I'm not disagreeing with you. I don't feel that one should ever be challenged f…"
"So are you saying that only the ones in the Toronto sheet are genuine, and all of the others fake?"
"Grant - I'm not exactly tracking what you are saying here, because I can't connect your comments to the images that you're talking about. Let's call the one with the red arrows A. I believe I know the history of that one and that it's authentic. Let…"
"You make some really good technical points, which are necessary when buying something expensive.
Another key aspect is provenance. You rarely get the real history on a piece, but sometimes you do if you ask. Not everyone will agree with this, but I…"
"Hi Jimmy,  There is an awesome Jimi Hendrix autograph study here: https://hendrixautos.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/groovy-script-the-aut... You may even be able to contact the author for his opinion. Roger Epperson has been a PSA authenticator for item…"
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