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"I/We have now identified:
Muhammad Ali Alan Minter Boza (Cornelius) Edwards David 'Boy' Green Jim Watt Maurice hope Al Phillips
Jimmy Batten
John L. Gardner (Third glove down identified, please ignore)
Mickey Duff (Forgot to post photo for this one!…"
"Hi Carl,
I did a Google search for Jake LaMotta's autograph and the 'J' is all wrong (Really wish it was him!), but I did find that John L. Gardner's autograph matched.
So I now have:
Muhammad Ali Alan Minter Boza (Cornelius) Edwards David 'Boy' G…"
Hi, I have a pair of boxing gloves with 18 autographs on them from the 1970's - 80's (Mostly British boxers but also includes Muhammad Ali) I need help identifying the other 10 autographs.I am not looking for anyone to try to authenticate them at th…
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