Herman Darvick

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location - Rockville Centre, NY

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"About Stephen KoschaI's headline above: I never stole autographs from anyone.
Stephen Koschal is the only one to call me a forger, a liar, and a thief.
Stephen Koschal has flooded internet sites accusing me of forgery which must include, legally, th…"
"Stephen Koschal is a liar. I never forged anything in my life. All the forgeries that he has posted, I believe, were forged by Stephen Koschal."
"All lies by Koschal.  He's entitled to his own opinions, but he is not entitled to his own facts."
"Where's the proof? I never forged an autograph. I never bragged that I created forgeries. Showing someone what an authentic signature looks like is not forgery. I am a lifetime member of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club. Stephen Koschal was e…"
"There are so many lies in this article posted by Stephen Koschal beginning with the headline calling me an "admitted autograph forger."  I will give one thousand dollars cash to anyone, including Stephen Koschal, who can prove I ever admitted I was…"
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