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"I'd do $100 on this right now. Cheapest on eBay for his auto rookie is $129."
"Hey Antonio! And hey planet haven't been here in a while! I'd consider selling it if you wouldn't mind sending cash or money order! PayPal is shut down ATM!"
"I'm heading to a card show that psa is gonna be at and I'm bringing my Cobain in Massachusetts"
"Cool are you from mass db?"
"Happy birthday to me Lol! Since it's my birthday........"
"does anyone know where I can find a full immage of his drivers licence signature?"
"I'm an expert on cards since I did cards way longer than autographs. Started collecting in 87 to present."
If you do not recognize this and enjoy basketball cards as much as I do, You might want to find a new hobby Lol!
"Hahahahaha................If I were to put a name to the man in the main picture of this thread, without knowing his, it would be MR. Seymour Eyepatch!"
"I love the Beatles after they got rid of the pretty boy image! Beards and hair and awesome music!"
"wow raider been studying mantles auto and almost every single time the ending of the Y is usually higher than the I in Mickey. I've seen a few that were about the same height but I see what you mean! This one cuts off way short of this."
"now that you mention it I haven't seen a real ball yet that has a shaky M!"
"yes it really does help thanks raider! I haven't studdied mantle but yeah the start I thought was shakey as well."
This is my dad's mantle he got through qvc in the 80 s before his death. I've heard about the fakes anyone know if it's good?
"The only way I'd cut something up is if it was for example a John Lennon autograph next to pee wee Herman or something lol"
"I just sold my Lebron auto. I'm not a huge fan and he won't ever amount to what Jordan or Kobe did! I pulled it from a pack of upper deck sp authentic. His signature was made up of numbers and stuff but at least it wasn't just a scriiggle."