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"Always happening just prior to the Holidays. Recall 2 years ago it was Elvis?
Go get em!"
"Sad day all around!

Jerry Lee Lewis still kicking though."
"Apparently a now defunct website. Seems that there were once great hopes. "
"Thanks Richard, Great Job!
"Are we discussing civil or criminal? Moral or legal? The intricacies involved are incredible, so much to study, so much to understand. A living, breathing thing. Absolutely unable to be entirely sure until a jury stares one straight in the eyes and…"
"Whoeeee! Let me check my webcrawler!!!!!!!!!"
He may or may not be good at space, I don't know, but his all over the place approach he took regarding the authenticity of JLL's signature only furthered my awareness that there really isn't any secured scientific methodology supporting the ch…"
"Miles, astute observation.

That guy is so vain, he probably thinks this song is about him!"
"Heard from a lawyer over the holiday weekend that smart corporations are doing all they can to avoid court proceedings and judgments this fall. Seems those in the know are aware that the economy is going to take a dramatic downturn and that many ass…"
"Thanks Chad, a lot to digest, maybe some crow. where did the handbag come from?"
"Could the hand have gotten ahead of the brain during the formation of this "d"?"
"Problem with the authentication racket is that everyone has screwed up, more than once. some will admit it, some will never admit their failings, many will only admit it when it suits their purpose. "
"I mean,
where does one even begin?"
"Vanderhoven seems to recall these, always signed in pencil, often framed, Bordenave Bros. late 80's?"
"Miles, could you perhaps do us all a favor and use a profile picture that is a little blurred and taken from a bit more distance?

Just sayin'"
"Perhaps Jimi was a better at playing guitar than driving?:
 "While possibly never having a driver’s license, he and bassist Noel Redding (he himself a guitarist who would later form Fat Mattress) were in Cleveland and decided to shop for a car. Jimi…"