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Bride, groom who slammed Dallas wedding photographer online, in media must pay $1.08M FILED UNDERCOURTS JUST 2 DAYS AGO.  A Dallas wedding photographer was awarded $1.08 million Friday in a defamation suit against a local blogger and her husband who…
"Pele, Michael Jackson artwork not authenticated by real and Fidel Castro"
"This album was removed in the Coaches corner auction of August/2011 but coaches corner soon pulled it out of concerns that it came from Tina Foster's personal collection of memorabilia.  She was known to write her own name on her peices and this loo…"
"The program is signed in the same pen.  Highly unlikely someone kept that pen for years or decades to add more signatures to it.  It's a screw up.  Marisa Tomei did not sign this program."
"No good IMO but you should ask Todd Mueller or Travis Roste but not sure if they give their opinions.  I don't know who Shawn Anderson is."
"No good IMO but you should ask Todd Mueller.  He woudl know but I'm not sure if he gives his opinion or not."
The signature of Joe [Jackson] is really a sketch of a butterfly in flight.  The Mick Jagger authenticated autograph is Charlie Watts just in case you didn't know."