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"Help me understand Steve Cyrkin.  So if a member posts something true about one of his buddies you need to provide your drivers license, photo id, talk to him on the telephone and provide proof of birth, age, state, date of last wedding, etc.
But if…"
""expert?" Same guy who authenticated All the fake MJ artwork who would respond after the weekend only to disappear for 10 months?  On the same site currently marketing the biggest grouping of forgeries known to man?  I'd go opposite every time with…"
"I meant Cher not share"
"Great catalog.  Everything must be good as Cyrkin is pushing these autographs.  I hope I win this
And I have to get this.  How late does the auction go?
I'm so glad I found this auction.  Thank you Autograph Live for helping collectors differentiate…"
"This comment is spot on as well.  I think RR's best days were when they authenticated things on their own.  This TPA thing just killed them.  What a disaster IMO

Reply by Gratefulphish yesterday

I am not sure how a District Court in New Hampshire…"
"Pele, Michael Jackson artwork not authenticated by real and Fidel Castro"
"This album was removed in the Coaches corner auction of August/2011 but coaches corner soon pulled it out of concerns that it came from Tina Foster's personal collection of memorabilia.  She was known to write her own name on her peices and this loo…"
"The program is signed in the same pen.  Highly unlikely someone kept that pen for years or decades to add more signatures to it.  It's a screw up.  Marisa Tomei did not sign this program."
"No good IMO but you should ask Todd Mueller or Travis Roste but not sure if they give their opinions.  I don't know who Shawn Anderson is."
"No good IMO but you should ask Todd Mueller.  He woudl know but I'm not sure if he gives his opinion or not."
"These are commonly referred to as Dr. Michael Frost hotdog forgeries certified by a lousy non-expert.

Here is an example of a real Manziel autograph.  Notice the huge difference between fakes certified by P.A.A.S., a company booted off ebay due to…"
The signature of Joe [Jackson] is really a sketch of a butterfly in flight.  The Mick Jagger authenticated autograph is Charlie Watts just in case you didn't know."
"DB;  I agree.  Cyrkin has helped the industry rid itself of some forgeries.  His biggest achievement that I can recall was when he closed down his company Starbrite.  That stopped the immediate release of plenty of forgeries hitting the market.  Out…"
"Agree Ken.  What is funny is how they speculate about what Johnson did or didn't do without any facts.  And the facts that are present they seem to ignore.  The depositions were disastrous so they feel it was unethical to post them.  If they turned…"
"baru911, I noticed that as well.  The biggest dishonest service to the hobby has to go to Cyrkin though.  He will hide the biggest scandals in the hobby to protect his friends and divert attention elsewhere.  One could show a million dollar fraud pe…"