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"I deleted the last line of this post as I feel it's unfair to RR Auction and accusatory and could be interpreted poorly.  In fairness to RR Auction I don't think she lived long enough for the charges to take place if they were going to take place an…"
"I just saw Thomas's post.  I took the liberty of deleting his last paragraph.  This site does not want to stoop to the levels of lying about others like Autograph Magazine Live is known to do.  Let's watch what we say.
This site is going nowhere but…"
"Agree.  This member has been suspended.
I encourage everyone to not jump to conclusions with accusations.  There are some very strong and potentially damaging claims being thrown around.  Please exercise extreme judgement in comments and opinions.  …"
Be careful what you post unless you know it's true.  I have never heard of this and think you should probably delete your comment unless you have facts to back it up.  This isn't Autograph Magazine Live over here so please be careful not to…"
"Chad-  Grant did a fantastic study on Hendrix when there was so much confusion about his autograph on other sites.  It can be seen here."
"Mr. Feigenbaum-  I took down your last comment.  No name calling.  Final warning"
"Thanks Chad.  I agree name calling is extremely unprofessional and reveals an unsavory characteristic and lack of credibility on those engaged in this behavior.   I think what Grant is doing is what everyone should do if they are capable because eve…"
"Once again I've deleted another post.  You can post your opinion, facts or stories about autographs.  Current news about autographs is also okay but nothing defamatory.  This is an autograph news site.  No more warnings or I will kick you off."
"I deleted another discussion.  I don't come on here every day so please use good judgement and nothing defamatory or inflaming.  Please stick to facts.  Thank you."
"I deleted several posts and comments today.  These comments are disgusting and are not allowed even if members are inflamed by this kind of activity elsewhere. "
"I appreciate people supporting the value of a Mueller COA however due to the current and pending litigation in this matter the last thread has been removed."
"Please don't.  "
"Let's keep this to autograph discussions.  Religious views should be discussed on religious blogs.  I strongly disagree in attacking ones beliefs, gender, race, religious preference or anything that makes people who they are.  Fraud is a whole diffe…"