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"Back in Nov of 2017, Mr. James Spence published an article on his own website stating that the Christy Mathewson signed "Won in the Ninth" bookplates were secretarial signed.  Now he had certified many of these bookplates before he wrote that articl…"
"Unless they are talking about an AML unapproved seller or authenticator, then they leave the title alone.   It's really bad that they take sides and are not for the collector, but for their personal, selfish, self interests, trying to keep the money…"
"It is expensive to live in California. He is making money somewhere. He has advertisers on his website. His job at coin graders associates pulls in some cash. And if I was him I would take a job at subway as a sandwich artist, who knows? But the guy…"
"Maybe there should be an effort to stop looking for someone to represent "pro bono" and start looking for someone to represent  'pro BOZO'"
"I have heard there is a claim to the reward already. hopefully justice will prevail and people like the original poster on that site wont be able to get away making comments they cant back up in blogs and forums where people say anything."
"They couldn't authenticate Babe Ruth if you spotted them the bab and the rut."
"Using a negative filter and edge detection, you can see that the autograph has a rectangle around it, where it was lifted from another piece. Also the composite in Joe's tweets has a slightly different color in that rectangle box where the autograph…"
"yeah, under two hundred dollars, but autopenned. i see them on ebay already. any book that says election edition and has that very dark, uniform signature is the autopen. Hats have them on the brim and very dark and neat looking. people are getting…"
"It is true that planet broke the story first and others only joined in to do damage control!"
"It's going around the waiver wire, PSA deleted any and all of Grad's appearances in their instructional videos on youtube, and his bio is gone. any mention of Steve Grad seems to be gone. It's like he never existed there? 99% of the certs signed in…"
"He's a freelancer and writes for village voice, etc"
"In 2012 He says "Instead of regurgitating the technical aspects of authentication." 

Now he says "Instead of discussing the technical aspects of authentication"

My questions is why replace 'regurgitating' with 'discussing' in this updated piece. W…"
"The newest article on dealers

His article from 4 years ago with subtle changes, why do that? It's the same article but he re-writes part of it and just switches words around for…"
"Kevin Conway had previously published that same article on AML a couple of years ago, only the wording was slightly different. So this time around instead of publishing the exact same article, he goes to all the trouble of changing some of the words…"