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Richard Albersheim's name seems to have removed from the so called PSA experts page.   Albersheim, along with Bill Corcoran were added to the PSA website last year upon the exit of some guy who now works somewhere else. Kevin Keating was also added…
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JSA FINALLY admits that Christy Mathewson's "Won in the Ninth" bookplates are ghost-signed.After years of certifying these bookplates as being real Mathewson signatures, Mr. Spence at JSA finally comes out and admits that they are ghost-signed and N…
"Unless they are talking about an AML unapproved seller or authenticator, then they leave the title alone.   It's really bad that they take sides and are not for the collector, but for their personal, selfish, self interests, trying to keep the money…"
"It is expensive to live in California. He is making money somewhere. He has advertisers on his website. His job at coin graders associates pulls in some cash. And if I was him I would take a job at subway as a sandwich artist, who knows? But the guy…"
"Maybe there should be an effort to stop looking for someone to represent "pro bono" and start looking for someone to represent  'pro BOZO'"
"I have heard there is a claim to the reward already. hopefully justice will prevail and people like the original poster on that site wont be able to get away making comments they cant back up in blogs and forums where people say anything."
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JSA's website says that they will be at the following places authenticating autographs on June. 24, 2017.   6 locations in 6 different states! Tell me that JSA has 6 teams of experts that know dozens of different genres of autographs? So there is no…
"They couldn't authenticate Babe Ruth if you spotted them the bab and the rut."
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Nice video on Pawn Stars experts,  also including non-expert Steve GradSkip to Grad segment, 5:23 to 6:35, make sure to watch briefly into the next expert's segment to catch the last bit of Grad's review.
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Poor Zach Rullo,  used to be senior authenticator with PSA/DNA now just an 'authenticator' same as newcomers Albersheim and Corcoran, who have been there for a cup of coffee. Rullo got his title demoted after 13 years faithful service to PSA/DNA., t…
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From psa. 9 in the highest prices realized of 2016 is a Muhammad Ali fight worn glove that went for over 500K.PSA claims this as thei…
"Using a negative filter and edge detection, you can see that the autograph has a rectangle around it, where it was lifted from another piece. Also the composite in Joe's tweets has a slightly different color in that rectangle box where the autograph…"
Auto Guy posted a discussion would Joe Orlando, president of PSA/DNA, tweet a record breaking signed collectible of a Ty Cobb postcard supposedly signed, by showing a composite photoshop of two different encapsulate…
"yeah, under two hundred dollars, but autopenned. i see them on ebay already. any book that says election edition and has that very dark, uniform signature is the autopen. Hats have them on the brim and very dark and neat looking. people are getting…"
"It is true that planet broke the story first and others only joined in to do damage control!"