Allen Hoover

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location - Parts Unknown

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Has anybody seen the items for sale from north of the border?Paul Hofner Bass  ITEM COMES WITH A Epperson COA and is from a Current Lawsuit.  Selling price $ 15 Thousand US dollars!Led Leppelin 2 signed by 2APPEARS to be apart of the same lawsuit, c…
Looking at EBAY you have a lot of options. Lets take a look at some:

These are all for sale on EBAY right now. 
All authenticated as "Authentic" by a 3rd party company. (currently not on the approved list of company's)
(Screen captured as the owner…
"Jeffects:  I too have been wondering what is going on with Epperson.  He sure got quiet for a guy that loved to run his mouth so much at one time.  From what I can tell, we should start seeing him soon.  It would appear that he has a lot of court ac…"
"Do you want to keep it?  Sell it?  I would think you could get at a few hundred pounds for it. 
It is a very odd signature however, what is the story behind it?  Are there any papers or prior authentication opinion's with it?"
"One has to wonder if Steve Grad was up front with Beckett about his involvement with these on going court cases.  While he is not a "member" of them, there is a chance of it with what is being done in the solo PSA/DNA case(s) that were filed, (as we…"