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"I saw that Michael Frost of PAAS was named in one of the lawsuits with both Steve Cyrkin and Roger Epperson.  Is he going to be brought to justice as well?
Have you seen the YELP! review's for PAAS?  WOW!  All 1 star (except for the one that Frost d…"
"As soon as you get the judgment signed, go after him!  He has so much debt with the IRS, he has to be a "expert" at hiding stuff though!  I bet with all of those emails you will find out where he's hiding things and that has to have him scared!   I…"
"Here is the biggest thing that keeps getting overlooked.  Roger Epperson's company REAL is NOT on the approved list of authenticators for EBAY.  He is not one it, HAS NOT been on it and that has been the way it's been for a very long time.  This goe…"
"There was that one church that took donations that people didn't like.  Westboro  Baptist Church in Kansas.  They had a online drive (they might still) but people realized that if you sent in something small, like $.10 or $.05 cents, that it would c…"
"According to what was posted on PSA's message board, Joe Orlando signs all the pages now, and there are no more names on the pages.  I guess that is the NEW COA look.  People have speculated it was because of the lawsuit that led to Steve Grad leavi…"
"It's going forward.  As are the numerous lawsuits against Roger Epperson."
"Jeffects:  I too have been wondering what is going on with Epperson.  He sure got quiet for a guy that loved to run his mouth so much at one time.  From what I can tell, we should start seeing him soon.  It would appear that he has a lot of court ac…"
"Nothing in that was untruthful.  It was all based on court records and sworn statements.
Here is a link to the information so that it can be refered to at a later date since he seems to have control over what is being able to be put up on both sites…"
"Steve's number one guy is involved in a case where he won't return the buyers $10,000 purchase price.  Then, you look and there are multiple other items that failed 2-3 other authentication process' and #1 still won't refund any money and he's being…"
"Do you want to keep it?  Sell it?  I would think you could get at a few hundred pounds for it. 
It is a very odd signature however, what is the story behind it?  Are there any papers or prior authentication opinion's with it?"
"One has to wonder if Steve Grad was up front with Beckett about his involvement with these on going court cases.  While he is not a "member" of them, there is a chance of it with what is being done in the solo PSA/DNA case(s) that were filed, (as we…"
"Good Job Autograph Planet!   Looks like Plant was the first to do reporting on the shakeups on the company long before Steve Cyrkin started to try to start his spin to it."
"Just another lawsuit coming his way....  Cyrking getting served!  VIA public records!"
"Roger has been ordered by the court to SIT for his video deposition next week.
He really should have gave a refund!  Sure is amazing what people will do to get out of honoring things.
I saw in real small find print, that he's a UACC member on his we…"
"Roger appealed his loss in 2015. 
The court orders that ROGER EPPERSON pay ALL appellate costs related to…"