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Supreme Court Ruling on Autographs...

Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Autograh Authentication!


March 23, 1999 Gumbo tire Co Vs. Carmichael

The US Supreme Court by a 8-1 ruling told federal trial judges to screen out dubious testimony by "SELF PROCLAIMED" experts when opinions are not based

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Developing Story! Roger Epperson behind another forgery???

This is a Developing story, waiting on the images and emails regarding it and they will be posted when they make it over to the newsroom.


What is known so far. 


Roger Epperson sold a signed beatles piece, signed by all 4 members.  That item was then

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This ongoing saga of who's on first is still continuing with no results.  For those trying to learn something about autographs, might want to stick around here as collectors have died still not knowing whether or not Jerry Lee Lewis signed his books

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PAWN STARS, on History Apple 1 computer.

Saw the show and they had RR auctions appear on the show.

The auction house had a very rare APPLE 1 computer that was going to be for sale in the auction and they were giving the owner of the Gold and Silver pawn shop a chance to buy it before it went

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Roger Epperson REAl and his lawsuits?

Is there any word on the lawsuits that REAL's owner, Roger Epperson?


Last time that there was anything posted is that he is still refusing to sit for a video deposition and so far has avoided doing so.


If he has nothing to hide, then why not sit down

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Another spammer...

Abiola bawuah is spamming profiles on this forum.


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UACC - this group appears to be basically dead - web site now seems frozen for quite some time

Report last updated: 39 hours ago 
Smooth Stat has reviewed and smoothed out the details of and has generated the following free report. is hosted in Southfield Michigan, United States on a server which is using the IP address 192.
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Herman Darvick-where autographs are born- Marc Chagall "signed" prints, BEWARE!


Herman Darvick - Marc Chagall - Beware Signed Prints

Herman Darvick, where autographs are born!

 by Stephen Koschal

“Through the years, I have examined well over 100 items with a signature of Marc Chagall either sold or authenticated by Herman Darvick.

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PADAH - Happy Birthday - January 2002


                       Preferred Autograph Dealers & Auction Houses


PADAH is now one year old. It’s success has thus far been overwhelming  Not surprisingly, there has not been a single complaint from anyone in the International Autograph Commun

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Third party authentication and how it really works

Tomorrow we may begin to show some emails amongst third party authenticators including non-experts used by other auction sites.  To say this will shake things up in the industry would be an understatement.  When you see how they truly authenticate au

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Official list of PADA members, Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses - December 2019

                                                                 Padah final.jpg
                                                                   THE OFFICIAL LIST
              of Preferred Autograph Dealers and Auction Houses
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