WHO is "The Memorabilia Vault"???

Does anybody have any information who this auction company is?

The Memorabilia Vault

There is very little info on this auction company.  They hide their names, and info.  They have a address of:

230 Kings Mall Court, #256

Kingston, NY 12401. 

When you google map this, it shows some weird streets and no street views of the address.

When you do a "WHO IS" search, all the information is hidden, including all personal info and contact info.

No person is listed on the website, everything is hidden under proxy's and email address are listed as "INFO"

Why is a legitimate auction house hiding so much info?  Is this normal and or a approved way to handle a business?  Is this even Legal?

This is the auction house that has a endless supply of fake Michael Jackson items and signatures, all of which have been authenticated by Roger Epperson of REAL.

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  • Apparently a now defunct website. Seems that there were once great hopes. 

  • Absolutely, professional psychics such as Cleo, California Psychics Etc, are paid great amounts for their advice, I would not place Authenticators lower on a scale than such esteemed, paid 'professionals'.
  • Grant thank you for your comment on our statement. We appreicate Chad B's comments and who knows maybe the MJ drawings are wrong but we have to believe in the top authenticators like PSA/DNA and Epperson and certainly can't tell our customers that this item is good cause CHAD B is highly regarded in the AML and Autograph planet forums. Most people would say WHO and we want a proper coa. Everyone who has bought at our auction has never asked what Chad B thinks.

  • We all have an understanding of what normal generally is so saying you can tell Charles Manson is a nut that is pretty obvious but you aren't an expert and you would never be on trial as an expert to authenticate something, you are a small time person who has an audience on forums. Your ego is astounding. We don't claim to be experts but use experts. As we've said before with your following why don't you open up your own authentication business then you will have people bashing you online that don't agree with you. You could become the feud that used to exist between Frost and Epperson. The funny thing is is that these experts get paid for their opinions and the dumb ones give opinions online and based on what you guys say someone goes out and picks up these pieces and then flips them. Lol. We have more brains than to authenticate things when we aren't experts. Take a look at it this way. What has your years of rambles got you nothing has it.

  • MORALES hasn't authenticated any of our MJ items we have in auction. However Morales wouldn't be able to issue coa's if people didn't pay for them. So Chad B you are another one of those self proclaimed experts. I know autographs well myself HOWEVER unless something is absolutly without a shadow of a doubt fake then I wouldn't comment. Just like the check on eBay now that's from Gotta have rock n roll with Kathering Jackson's signature which has now got an added MJ autograph on it. The point is the signature on the MJ drawings can be traced back many years to when MJ was alive and this is what Epperson built his opinion on. Your opinion doesn't carry much weight as in an authenication service as no one pays for it. I could authenticate Beatles, Cobain, Elvis etc but that's not my job and I leave that to the experts.

  • david,

    The COA of Morales on any given autograph holds less value than a COA issued from my farming neighbor Leroy. Few will argue with that. You brought up his name. I commented.

    I have buddies on autographplanet and AML. There are good people on both sites who attempt to discern if signatures are authentic and not just if it comes with certain paperwork. There is a difference.

    You attempt the "It's like telling the mechanic he isn't doing his job right when you aren't a mechanic" argument. Well, I am not a psychologist either but can tell Charles Manson is nuts. I am also not a zoologist but can tell a weasel when I see one. My point is, because authentication is not someone's vocation, it doesn't mean they are not very good at it.

  • David, I really can't argue with a good portion of your logic, particularly:

    "since a lot were authenticated I believe around October 2014 no retraction no statement has ever been made to say they got it wrong. If Epperson thought he was wrong then not making a statement shows what kind of person he is. HOWEVER there is nothing to suggest that Epperson DOES think he got it wrong. He is entitled to an opinion "
  • But obviously an error hasn't occured as since a lot were authenticated I believe around October 2014 no retraction no statement has ever been made to say they got it wrong. If Epperson thought he was wrong then not making a statement shows what kind of person he is. HOWEVER there is nothing to suggest that Epperson DOES think he got it wrong. He is entitled to an opinion and the signature in our opinion matches many signatures of MJ's from the past, but you aren't paying for OUR coa's on MJ drawings you are paying for the top authenticators opinions (there again we get the consigner to pay for these coa's). Heritage auctions who have sold the same signatures have given their own opinion and issue their own coa's. Juliens don't issue coa's and take items based on looking at an item. Omega auctions have swapped and changed who they use to authenticate MJ drawings and other MJ signed pieces, but generally they will take items in with certain coa's or they have in the past allowed items in by paying them for the authenticators they use. Juliens on the sports department will give you PSA DNA coa's for $50 at times depending on how many items you have. Bloomsbury's take in MJ autographs that have MJ'S OWN SIGNED MJJ productions letterhead. Frasers take in MJJ items that have came from other auction houses that haven't been authenticated independantly. WE TAKE IN MJJ ITEMS BASED ON WHO HAS AUTHENTICATED THEM AND WE DOUBLE CHECK IF ANYONE HAS PROVIDED A FAKE COA. We stopped a McCartney item coming onto the market when we found out the coa was fake. We have came across fake Epperson coa's also on McCartney items (where someone has copied and pasted the picture into the coa). We knew it was fake due to the printing quality on the coa not matching other bright colours on Epperson's coas. 

  • at 11:13pm
    No doubt! The incredible amount of expertise that has gone in authenticating the Jackson Crayola Creations is phenomenal! Absolutely one of the highlights of Third Party Authentication. Of course if an error had occured, a retraction of the erroneous opinion would immedietly follow, im sure
  • The point is here is that PSA/DNA and Epperson are at the top of the field and it doesn't matter what anyone else says as at auction people will pay big bucks with those coa's. So non experts that say they aren't genuine doesn't matter at the end of the day as its not your job to authenticate.

    Try telling a doctor (if you aren't a doctor), he's given the wrong opinion. 

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