We can't fight forgeries if members can't make their legitimate points. That's why we need to confirm identities.

It's a tough situation. We don't want to cause members grief by identifying them or lose good members because they don't want to face the risks of using their real names. But our most important role is to help make autograph collecting safer.

You have been making autograph collectors safer for many years, Steve. AML, your baby no matter how tough things can get, is the only true "Safe" ground for autograph collectors, new or seasoned. We, as members, need to remember that we are also responsible for this great forum.

Your the boss Steve. I support whichever decision you make.

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  • I see Steve Cryken hasn't responded.

  • This should be posted so people can make a informed pick.

    This info was put up in another post, i'm moving it here also:

    Regarding a statement Ken Booth made that came from AML. We never stated Roger certified 200-300 drawings. Pharsant said this on AML. We stated we had seen approx 30 MJ drawings with Epperson coa's before they came to our auction. We made the assumption that if what Pharsant said about Epperson certifying 200-300 drawings of MJ's that would be 150 dollars x 200 or 300 as that's what Epperson charges.

    There was a post that said, Is Roger going to refund the 200-300 drawings that he issued COA's on?  He charged $150.00 for each COA and made between 30-45 grand for the deal.

    That was posted on Steve Cyrkin's website, by Pharsant, it was deleted by Steve Cyrkin, because he is trying to keep the number of these drawings to "around 30" even though it's well known that the number is much higher.  Then 2 weeks ago, Simon Parr posted it again, and it was posted over here on Planet and the rest is history.

    One has to ask, Why was it deleted from Steve Cyrkin's website?  Why is he protecting Roger Epperson?  If this involved a FDE would he give it the same coverage?  Would he edit and delete like he does for Roger?

    I'm sure when he is deposed he will be asked about it, but until then, ask yourself, WHY?

  • Indeed, an excellent topic!

  • Thought provoking commentary Jeffery!

  • This is a excellent topic.

    Why is it, when Jerry Gladstone was fooled with photographs from a supplier on autographed items, did Steve Cyrkin go on to NATIONAL TV to talk about in. (Inside Edition) and other media outlets.

    YET when Roger Epperson helps flood the market with Michael Jackson drawings (according to Simon Parr auctions recently on AML, the amount is 200-300 of them) he does nothing?

    He actually tries to say that Roger is the VICTIM???  He says that some huge scam was pulled!

    If Roger is as good as he tells everybody he is, and he will tell you how great he is, and if you don't believe him, just ask him.... how could he be fooled???!!  How could this be???

    I for one am not buying any of this story.  Especially seeing how Steve is trying to change it, as he has.  He will do whatever he can to make sure nobody knows the amount, and each time, he tries to lower it, and no matter what amount it is, it was a scam pulled on the authenticator.

    If you are as great as the all mighty music man, you are to see through all of that.  According to him, on all of his blogs and websites, you throw the "story away, and let the autograph speak for itself" so being that he follows what he tells people there is no way what the "spin machine" says happened happened.  I DON'T BUY IT!!!

    I see also, Roger has come out of hiding after a 10 month off line vacation, to start telling everybody how great he is at authenticating again!


    IS it they are not allowed?  We saw that a parody drawing was put up, and it was removed in record time.   So we are to believe that the posters over there are not allowed to ask the great Roger how he screwed up.  How many refunds did he give?  How come he's the victim but when this happened to others they did it to fool others?, (mind you, those accusations that were made by AML were never supported by any sort of evidence of any kind, just that they said so)

    How are his court cases going?

    If he's such a great guy and such a "good" guy, why is he being sued for so many things by so many people?

    Why is so hard to get a refund from him? (so it seems)

    most importantally, How many others have you treated this way?  Are they all going to start coming out of the woodwork once they see the current cases?

    Steve Cyrkin, Why are you not reporting on this?  It IS autograph news afterall...

    So does he protect collectors or does he protect the bad guys?  I guess it's a matter of opinion... HIS opinion.  The opinion of a mentally unstable man, who has more then one personality, and is in charge of a online magainze and online forum, and tells his posters what they can and can't post.


  • More will be coming out on this man in the near future.  Steve's reporting should be seen for what it is.  How he reports should be seen for what it is.  Who he protect's should be seen for what it is.

  • For humor only

    This reminds me of the Republicans versus the democrats.  We'd probably be defined as the Republican's. 

    And then of course you have them

    I Don't mean to derail this conversation but corruption is alive and well over there and if one can't see it or do anything about it is time to just laugh.  I thought Steven Cyrkin's PR campaign was the most ridiculous campaign I have ever seen.  All it proved to me was colussion is alive and thriving in the collectibles field.

  • Also, notice that as soon as more and more people saw what was going on, and were commenting on the RR case, how he shut his site down, and came up with "Rules" for the website.  Anybody making comments from that point forward has to have there real legal name, on the site, he has to have access to your phone number and mailing address and you have to show 2 supporting website that you have, facebook and another before you are allowed to post. 

    (From what I have seen, those rule only apply to those who want to talk about the RR lawsuit)

    When this was put into effect, his moderator, WASCHER, stepped down, leaving him to run the website by himself.

    Again, LOOK AT THE ACTIONS of this sick mentally ill person, and you will see it for what it is!

    Notice how he points out that Michael Johnson is on his 2nd set of lawyers.  He acts like this is a big deal, while at the same time, he leaves out that RR Auctions is on their 7th set of lawyers.

    Why is changing from 1 to 2 bad and nothing is said about the 7th?  Weird, right?

    He publically laughed that Todd Mueller and Kevin Martin had the same lawyer, yet when Todd switched to hiring the same law firm as Mr. Johnson it was commented on like it was a HUGE deal.

    He also leaves out that RR Auctions are being represented by the same law firm that represents PSA/DNA.  He leaves that out.  That FACT is not important to his readers, but Todd and Johnson having the same firm is NEWSWORTHY.  Why is one newsworth and the other not?  Could there be a reason for it?  Why has he not commented on that PSA's Joe Orlando and Steve Grad are avoiding service to show for there depo?  That's not newsworthy for the autographing public it would appear.  All this from a mentally ill person who says he is "FAIR and BALANCED and unbiased"  UNBIASED??!!  Really?  I wonder if he can say that with a straight face?

    He laughed about the first lawyer that Todd and Kevin had, because that lawyer seemed to not know what he was doing.  Filing in the wrong courts, wrong motions, wrong events, everything was wrong, so he was winning and felt it was great.  Once a change was made and he starts to LOSE his court cases, he finds fault with the law firm, instead of realzing that it's that person's god given right to do what they want with there lawyers.  (as we are seeing with RR hiring yet another law firm)

    Notice how he mentions some amount of money being embezzled, yet there is no mention that the case was settle out of court and that RR allegedly paid the family after the woman was found dead.

    No mention that RR is under investigation by the FBI, yet if you "search FBI" on his site, you will see over 30 pages of him and others talking about people being "investigated" with no proof. (The lawyers asked in the depositons about the FBI investigation, but again, he can't control that you can see and hear it for yourself so he's upset)

    He says that Karen Burris was a liar, yet you can clearly see all the people of RR auctions lieing and he has no issue with that, but shame on the dead person for again, ALLEGEDLY lieing.

    He makes a big deal that Michael Johnson has been involved in 9 lawsuits in 25 years, yet acts like it's nothing that RR under oath "can't recall" how many they have been inolved in.  A person is honest about what they do and he talks about it, a group is deceiving about what they have done and it's not discussed. (again, CONTROLING what you read and what you can know about)  Nevermind that his friend Roger Epperson has filed 5 defamation of character cases in 4 years, has 3 divorces, and is involved in 4 more cases currently... (add that up, that's more then 9, and that's just the last 5, yes FIVE years) and it's not talked about or discussed... .but  9 in 25 years is truly magazine worthy.  How come he does not list what those 9 were about, or the 9 outcomes?

    Again, controlling what you know and read.  You know 9, not what they involved or that he won or loss.  Being that no mention of that, what do you think happened in those 9?  (hint..VICTORYS)

    This mental midgit with his Dissociative identity disorder is going nuts that he can't control everything, and that's just too damn bad isn't it??!!

    Notice also, how he states that RR Auctions put out a press release about the court case, yet when Bobby Livingston talks about it on convicted felon Leon Luckey's website net 54, he directs you to Steve Cyrkin's post about it.  Nothing is even put up on their own website RR auctions Press Releases

    He still harrases the old owner of this website saying that that person and his family is going to be sued for creating this website.  He uses lies, and school ground bully tatics to try to infuluence others.  And this is coming from a man that is involved in how many lawsuits of his own right now?

    See it for what it is....  BS from a liar and mentally ill person.  Maybe he should be admitted to a hospital so he can get help for his condition, instead of causing damage and reaking havoic all under the guides of the 1st amendment.  Just my thoughts, glad i'm in Germany..

  • Baru911-

    Anybody that has ever written on that website, or knows him, will tell you, Steve Cyrkin is a CONTROL FREAK!  Bordering on it being a obsession.

    He wants to control every single thing, up to what people write and are allowed to see.

    This is a man that has admitted to being mentally ill under oath in a court of law, he has tried to say that he has Dissociative identity disorder, or multiple personalitys.  This is fact, this is what he himself has said about himself in a court of law.

    Dissociative identity disorder is is a mental disorder on the dissociative spectrum characterized by at least two distinct and relatively enduring identities or dissociated personality states that alternately control a person's behavior, and is accompanied by memory impairment for important information not explained by ordinary forgetfulness.

    Look at what he has written about the case going on.  He has for the better part of 2 and half years, kept it off of his magazine/blog.  He has deleted, edited and moved posts that have managed to stay, and that was only after the "silent few" spoke up and said, WHY IS THIS BEING DELETED?!

    Steve Cyrkin, has called the man that brought forth this lawsuit and his lawyers, Morniac and idiots.

    He has said the actions are unethical and unconstitutional, yet if that were true the website and the video's would have been taken down.

    ASK him why, and he won't give a answer, just that its wrong and illeagle.  If that were true, again, it would not be allowed to be up.

    The REAL REASON for this is again, going back to his love of power and his controlling nature.  HE and HE ALONE wants to control what you see, hear and read.  With the actual court documents, and court depositions available for all to see and hear and read, he can't twist things around to support his mental conditon.

    Look at what he has done in court cases in the past.  He posts edited emails, edited statements, quoting "unnamed sources" or even sending people to sit in the court house to write things down, which is not illeagle, but its hersay as it's not from a court reporter or the like.He has edited things, taken lines out, moved thing around, spoke about what was seen, and you have to take HIS word for it because here is no other word to take.

    THAT CAN'T HAPPEN with this.  The court documents are all on one website. RR Auction lawsuit

    the video depositions are both right there on the website and also on YOUTUBE for all to see.

    He can't tell control any of this and it's driving him mad.   He's going nuts that he can't control the infomation.  The very fact that you can see each member sitting, squirming, blinking 10 blinks every few seconds, moving around in the chair, looking up and away, down and away, side to side, turning red... he can't stop you from seeing that!  He can't stop you from forming your own educated opinion of any matter.  He can't control the information that you are given, able to see and hear.  He can't edit the court documents to fit whatever it is he wants to write and again, because of his mental condition it's causing him to have his little fits of anger and dispare.

    So what can he control, the fact that this was not granted the class action status.  And that he has done, by created 3 different blog posts, having them sit in the top 10 of top content yet they are not active.  Front and center on the magazine his a edited to fit format article full of who he wants you to see the case.  Notice how he never mentions that RR auctions have lost 15 motions to this point.  Notice how he does not mention that there is a trial date set, notice how he does not mention that Michael Johnson can seek a federal class action status as it would be easier to get then a state, as it would have better access to reach more people then just one state.  NOTICE how all of that important information is being left out and not reported on? 

    WHY?  Again, look at what his condition is, he's mentally ill.

    One might ask, why would RR Auctions want to do business with and support such a vile and disgusting person?  It comes as no surprise as they do business with another person that is much of the same, with his comments on twitter about wanting to drink porn stars bath water, right after she did a 20 person gang bang, and how he would like to be a bridesmaid in a wedding, etc...etc.

    Water seeks it's own level and they are all peas in a pod, it's the autograph world own AXIS OF EVIL.

    Look no further then, Steve Cyrkin.

    Hopefully people are seeing this for what it is.  They look at the information that is provided and come to their own opinions.  Letting a sick minded twit like him form it for you is very, very dangerous.  Much like buying autographs, it's buyer beware, reading about things from him and his website it's READER BEWARE!  His website is the weekly world news of the hobby, and people are slowly realzing this.

  • On 2-2-14 in the “biased or unbiased content on this site” thread on the other forum website the following was posted by Wascher and the Little Stevie, The Community Manager in reference to the Top Content:

    “Just to give an answer on this being in the "Top Content" on our home page.  It is generated automatically by the amount of activity on a discussion, it is not put there by any one person.  Every time you respond you are adding to it staying in the "Top Content" area.”

    In response Little Stevie posted:
    “You're right, Wascher, but I can set it for top content of the day, week or month, and I changed it from top content of the day to top content of the week a few days ago. I try to change it from the week to the month every now and then, to bring buried content back to the surface, but last time I changed it I to top content of the day by mistake.”

    I’m a bit lost as this morning the top content on that forum has a ranking that neither of the above explanations seem to match-up with….

    The number three ranked thread entitled:
    Final: Court Rejects Michael Johnson’s bid for Class Action Lawsuit against R&R Auction
    Number of Post – 14
    Number of Post in last week – 14
    Number of Post in the last 24 hours - 11

    The number six ranked thread entitled:
    “genuine Michael Jackson ?”
    Number of total Reply Post – 15
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 15
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 3

    The number Eight ranked thread entitled:
    “Jimmy Carter Experts? Anyone have an opinion on this book?”
    Number of total Reply Post – 14
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 6
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 1

    The number NINE ranked thread entitled:
    “Does Anyone Stills Find Autographs And Other Memorabilia At Yard Sales?”
    Number of total Reply Post – 10
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 10
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 0

    The number TEN ranked thread entitled:
    “Elvis Presley RR Auction”
    Number of total Reply Post – 9
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 9
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 2

    However, the following threads in the Town Square have the following number of post and they are NOT ranked at all:

    Thread entitled: “My Rolling Stones obtained by myself in 2012 and 2014”
    Number of total Reply Post – 15
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 15
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 15

    Thread entitled: “Carrie Fisher autograph”
    Number of total Reply Post – 13
    Number of Reply Post in last week – 13
    Number of Reply Post in last 24 hours – 11

    How are the above two threads not ranked in the top contect of that site?  Anyone got any ideas?

This reply was deleted.