What do we owe them?

I recently saw BB King perform. I've seen him many times, and it has always been fun! At this most recent appearance he was especially nice to my Granddaughter, he spent time with her. He was a kind gentleman!

Travis, It seems equally valid concerning boxers, the dedication, the sacrifice that they put into becoming the best that they can be, admittedly some are gifted. some work very, very hard.

What do we owe them? I don't know?

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  • I've seen him a few times too, hope to see him at least once more, and get to meet him if it's possible.  Buddy Guy will be here next month, and I'll get to hang out with him again before/after the show.  I'm really looking fwd to it.

    I always thank the artist for all of the music, I give a example of a song that I related to, or if something helped me through a tough time, etc..etc.  Every artist seemed to really appreciate it when we talk, and some have even went on stage and mentioned it before playing that song live during the show.

    I think all you can do is thank them, buy something from them.  I try to get music right from the artist, either at the show or through their website.  Support the arts...

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