Autograph planet was contacted today by a writer for yahoo asking this question.  I also want to change things for the positive and not have so much posted in the negative about individuals or people.  My vote is;

Queen Elizabeth

Thomas Pynchon

Early contracts by Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) or Bob Dylan (lyrics or early contracts)

What do you think?

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  • Stephen Hawking.

  • I do know that if you can find a Raider TED HENDRICKS signed JERSEY it can be worth a lot of money.  Ted got burned on a deal that including him signing a bunch of jerseys that he never got paid for, so he quit signing them altogether!

    He used to sign them, so there are ones out there, but he no longer does because of that deal.  He can be a tough signer in public also, but his price at shows is not all that expensive.

    Look for a jersey from the 80's and early 90's, that's where the money is with him.

  • Good Point Chad - the Most Valuable might just be someone who is a fan of a celeb that commands a much smaller price.  It's really in the eye of the beholder.

    The list below from a "cost" seems pretty formadable even with the variations from sellers..

    Prince, or whatever he is calling himself these days might be another one.

  • Signature alone is the issue. For example, McCartney signed Beatles lyrics are out of this world valuable while a stand alone signature is affordable. I'm not sure who the most valuable stand-alone signature would be.

  • DOOH!  Read it right Raiderchef!  LIVING!

    Well, in that case, it would have to be the ones mentioned and

    Prince as he does not sign anymore


    J.K. Rowling

    Queen Elizabeth

    Pele- National Hero in brazil

  • Wow, the administrator knows his/her's stuff.  Who is Thomas Pynchon?  He is without a doubt the most valuable living person whose autograph is the most valuable.  I never heard of him.  Sounds like an author.

  • 1st edition book To Kill Mockingbird by Harper Lee

  • Yep, Shakespeare, Armstrong, JFK, Lincoln, and Michael Jackson are still alive.  :)

    Everyone has named them all

    1st edition Potter by Rowling agree

    Michael Jordan jersey agree

    McCartney somethin special agree

  • tiger woods, neil armstrong & prince william  & Michael Jordan.

  • madonna, jk rowling, McCartney, Ringo, fidel castro

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