We seem to have an Obsession

on these blogs with a select few.  Although, there are so many other places that gain no attention.  Here is on from our "friends" at coach's corner.  Not only is it a forgery it has a forgery for a COA.  In this case it's an "auction house loa"  Can anyone see why the coa is a forgery aside from the signature which is also a forgery?  Sad part is a fool and his money is soon to be parted.    If this place is going to matter we need to expose forgeries wherever they exist as that is what collectors only care about.

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  • and all along the foolish buyer will go by the jsa cert and when they find out it's bogus they will blame JSA & when they try to get a refund....   Sure they'll get a refund;   Someone is about to drop alot of money.  CoachesCornerLouGehrigFake.jpg

  • but people still flock to coaches corner and incredibly buy this stuff. 

    but an update to the spence story;

    UPDATE: Just had a conversation with Jimmy Spence who agreed to honor his lifetime guarantee & refund my money. Thank you Jimmy. Time to move on…

    It took a while for me to get the Stengel ball back from the lady I sold it to, (who had it rejected by JSA). When I did, I returned it to James Spence who in turn sent me a check for the amount I paid Steve Milwich for the ball 25 years ago. I appreciate him making the effort to make this right.

    Thanks for all who helped…


  • Coaches Corner is Awful, so is James Spence.  Just see the facts


  • Wow, just wow!  You are right, somebody will buy it thinking they are getting a great deal.

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