It just came to my attention that someone posted something about another person and/or business.  This will not be tolerated whether it's true or not.  This post has been removed.  It's okay to ask questions, to respond to questions, to even share your freedom of speech on this blog but before you post whatever your going to post ask yourself if you would mind someone else posting what you have written, about yourself?  Litigation is currently taking place in several causes of action and I don't want anything to be posted about the plaintiff's nor defendants particularly during this process.  There are other places to go and post or read about these matters, but please not here!

If you have any questions about what your going to post, or if someone reads something someone else posted and takes exception to it please contact me at an email address I just set up at;

While weeks may pass without me being on Autograph planet due to running a business, family, vacation, travels etc I will try to look at the above email address on a daily basis so this site can remain a free place for people to express their feelings about autographs and the hobby without worrying about possibly harming others.  Anyone who feels offended by what has been written can send a link to the above email address to what was written on autograph planet and by who wrote and It will be removed if I, the owner find it's offensive as well.  There are no sacred cows here.  If it's offensive to another party and it's brought to my attention it will be taken down and the poster may be deleted from further posting on this website.  Let's keep it real, clean, and if in doubt send an email to before posting.  

Those trying to join Autograph planet can also email the above email address as I realize it can be frustrating to try signing up only to be approved a week or two later.  I approve everyone as soon as I get on this site and see they tried signing up.  It will be quicker to send an email to the above email address after you have tried to sign up so I know to approve you.  I am setting up this email address to try to make things easier until I can figure out another way to address any issues or problems.  Have fun!


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  • Nothing in that was untruthful.  It was all based on court records and sworn statements.

    Here is a link to the information so that it can be refered to at a later date since he seems to have control over what is being able to be put up on both sites.  I see he has deleted everything prior to 2017 on his website:

    Steve Cyrkin FACTS-Court statements, did he lie and is that why he ...

    Also, here is new info:

    Here is page 57 from the Collectors Universe prospectus (filed 1999) showing that Steve Cyrkin was awarded over 1,000,000 shares of PSA/DNA. Each share was valued at $6.00 in the initial offering! That is why he supports the company on his blog:


    The following table sets forth information with respect to the beneficial ownership of common stock as of August 31, 1999 by (i) each person or group of affiliated persons who is known to own beneficially 5% or more of our common stock, (ii) each of the directors and director nominees of Collectors Universe,
    (iii) each of the five most highly compensated executive officers in fiscal year 1999 and (iv) all directors and executive officers of Collectors Universe as a group.

    Steve Cyrkin.................................. 1,142,420 5.6% 4.7%
    1936 Deere Street
    Santa Ana, California 92705

    Those stocks just didn't VANISH like his posts and members on his blog, there has to be a FCC paper trail as he was a top 10 share holder for many years, and you can't just "give those away" if he sold any of those shares, he had, HAD to file papers, so ONE OF HIS PERSONALITY'S signed official documents with whoever to sell IF HE SOLD! 

This reply was deleted.