Vinatieri - Private Signing

for those interested in obtaining an SP from one of the greatest clutch kickers in the NFL.  

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  • It was a good game, but we could have played a lot better.  I see the Head Coach is crying over some calls that went our way.  Well, it's about time some calls did, that's all i'm going to say about that!  A lifetime of calls going against  us, i'll take a few here and there for us...

  • Congarats Raiderchef on that Oakland victory over Houston Monday night in Mexico city. Nuttin' good ever comes out of Houston anyways?
  • Simms does have 2 rings, but he didn't play in the 2nd SB, Jeff Hostetler came in around the 14th game of the season that year when Phil broke his foot and Hoss carried them all the way to the bowl for one of the better games and the first of 4 losses for the Bills.  

  • of the top 3 qb's not in the HOF, one of them is off the list; stabler leaving 2 others (or 3 if you add phil simms); 

    1. Charlie Conerly—New York Giants

    Giants owner Wellington Mara once said Charlie Conerly was the best player not in the Hall Fame.

    A marine combat veteran of World War II, Conerly was a football legend at Old Miss who played all 14 years of his NFL career with the Giants. The early Giants teams he played on were very bad—once the Philadelphia Eagles sacked him 17 times in a game. But he later led the Giants to three title games and one victory.

    One loss was in the legendary 1958 Championship Game against the Baltimore Colts. Conerly was Rookie of the Year in 1948, League MVP in 1959, and a two time Pro Bowler. In the offseason he worked his Mississippi Cotton farm and was the Marlboro Man on television ads.

    2. Jim Plunkett—New England Patriots, San Francisco Forty Niners, and Oakland Raiders

    Plunkett has the stats and threw for over 25,000 yards in his career. Most importantly, he has the big wins.  Also: Rookie of the Year, Comeback Player of the Year, and Super Bowl MVP, plus two Super Bowl rings.

    Plunkett will have a hard time making the Hall, but then the Big Ring is the thing.

    but as we know Raider; it wasn't a fumble but rather the Tuck Rule of incomplete, The patriots by the way lost one on the same rule when they played the jets.  When the owners repealed the rule in 2013 the only team who voted against it was the Steelers. 

    but in case Raider forgot Pats 16 Oakland 13

  • HA HA!  That was some game!  Jon Gruden said it best.  We had 60 minutes to win that game.  It should not come down to one play.  We should have won it in regulation.  I love Jon, still do.  My only complaint, of his, when games got close he played way to conservative.  We were running the ball great, small passes for good gains, then all of a sudden, snapping the ball with 25+ seconds on the play clock, not chewing it up.  We gave the ball back with way too much time on the clock for Tom and company to move down the field.  Jon needed to coach a better game and he didn't, that is something that had followed him to Tampa also.  When I saw C-wood creeping up and the TE move, I knew he was going to have a shot on Tom, and he was looking to his left so I thought if he hits him game over, and Greg (54) was coming right up the gut.... but it was not to be.

    Say what you want also, but the NFL has a lot in it for AL DAVIS.

    I had some HOF voters tell me years ago, when I asked why some guys were not voted in... and they laughed, and said, "there are enough Raiders in the hall"

    It's not our fault we had some damn good players play!  To keep them out because of that is nothing but BS.

    Then they started that fan vote, and EVERY year, the top voters were Raiders, including RAY GUY, and they would just take his name off.  Once Al passed, look what has gone on... Raider, after Raider after Raider.  

    AL would have loved to see these guys get in.  And now Snake gets in, and he just passed.  I would like to see some of the others get in before they die too.  Tom Flores for one.  He's the next that needs to.  Won a SB as a player, ass't coach, and 2 as a Head Coach.  The other person to do that is in the hall. (Ditka)

    Plunkett  The only 2 time SB winner not in the Hall other the Rapist Big Ben and Tom Teriffic, but they are still playing.  I could go on and on... Cliff Branch.  Put his numbers up next to Swann, and he's better, and only 1 less ring.

    Again, not our fault we have the most in the hall and will have the most, we were great.  We are not right now, but we are building, and i'm proud to be a Raider fan

    DB, it was a FUMBLE!

  • Before Raiderchief and DB become too close, I thought I'd post THIS pic:

    DB, that Brady signed ball fully inflated?

    Just kidding of course, Brady is that guy us West Coast fans love to hate, but it sure makes the sport that much more fun!

    Keep those mementos!! Very cool!

  • Alot of collectors miss out as they don't know who or what a Tri-Star authentic is.  The last private signing, I'm aware of, was with them.  I thought I posted the prices as they were all near $1k with inscriptions.   Tri-Star is having a show in april in San Fran at Cow Palace.  Some nice legends and HOFers appearing.   They don't come out this way any more.  Never did get a straight answer but I'm sure it had to do with costs & fees.

    Adam is a nice guy.  Very embracing.  I brought my neice one time so she could meet him at a very local show and had to make sure she didn't tackle him up over the table.  

    Well at least the Pats SB & Team Signed Helmets are uptodate.  I might just keep this one with only Brady & MVP inscription on the helmet.  I lost a few but at least kept these and a 16x20 of houston oiler's earl cambell for only $55.00.  The latter was a nice pick-up for a HOFer.

  • I've seen Adam out and about here in Indy a few times.  Talked to him too, about that game pictured.  He just laughs and laughs.  (it was a fumble)  LOL!  So much that when he see's me now, he just say's hey, "you over it yet"?  I have offered to kick him right in the pills every day for a month and then ask him the same thing, but got nothing more then a big belly laugh!  He's a great guy, i'll say that.  I'm not sure about signings here or not, I don't follow any colts unless they are former Raiders or guys that I really want to get.  He is somebody that I would get, but not when we are at a event or out somewhere, as it was I didn't want to bother him at the store but he kind of said something when he saw this big guy wearing all  Raider stuff close to him.

    Did you see him and I think it was Akers at the pro bowl that one year making all those crazy kicks?  All over the field.  It was like a game of horse, off a building, through a hoop, bounce here, through the upright!  I'll still take JANO, DA POLISH HAMMER, and the new POLISH HAMMER coming out of Bama, that kid is going to be just like Jano, minus the big belly!

    Brady is a must for collectors, but he his last signing was something like 700+ a item wasn't it?  I mean, come on!  Who can put out that kind of coin?  What kills me is the personalization, i've been told that goes to the promoter most of the time.  They stick a post it on the item, the person signs it and is none the wiser, unless they have it in the contract they want more money, etc..etc.

    Like Ted Hendricks, who won't sign Jerseys because a dealer screwed him on a deal in the 90's, so his way to fix it, was to no longer sign Jerseys.  Even when he's drunk.  I was with him and a few of the players from the 83 SB team, and Ted was just about falling down drunk, and he still wound NOT sign a Jersey, so he's programed to NOT sign them.  I thought for sure his guard would be down but nope, he just swore up and down about the dealer that screwed him.

  • & a few new pickups from the Stiener Auction - while he may not have made it back to back he is one of the greatest QBs of the NFL. - Tom Brady.   I'm happy he didn't make it 5 - 2 as it give me a chance to catch up.

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