It might be easier to have a page where all of the depositions can be found very quickly.

The part of the class action lawsuit website that has the video depositions can be found here, as well as on youtube.

 Video Depositions

Bob Eaton part 1: Bob Eaton part 1

Bob Eaton part 2: Bob Eaton part 2

Bobby Livingston Part 1: Bobby Livingston part 1

Bobby Livingston Part 2: Bobby Livingston part 2

Bobby Livingston Part 3: Bobby Livingston part 3

Bill White Part 1: Bill White part 1

Bill White Part 2: Bill White part 2

Elizabeth Otto part 1: Elizabeth Otto part 1

Yet to be deposed are Roger Epperson, Joe Orlando and Steve Grad.

Sure hope Roger's white hat is big enough!

UPDATE:  Added names to the Depositions list:


Joe Orlando
Steve Grad
Roger Epperson
John Reznikoff
Steve Zarelli
Carla Eaton
Tricia Eaton
Mandy Eaton-Casey
Bobby Eaton
Linda Hernandez
RR Auction Custodian of Records
William Miller
Daniel Brams
Kevin Mattei
Evan Mugford
Bill Mastro
Steve Cyrkin

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  • Also in Otto's depo, she said near the end (1:05 mark) that Bob Eaton is a collector, he has a bidder number and bids on items in his own auctions.

    Wouldn't that be driving the bids up on items?  Shill bidding?  Isn't that against the law?  Above all of that, isn't that just wrong??  To be bidding on items in your own auction??  Who benifits from that?  Bob Eaton does as owner of company.  Say a item has a bid for 100.00.  There is a bidding war, and he himself places bids on that item and it ends up selling for 10 grand.  How is that ethicial?  Driving the price up on items.

    I wonder how many second chance offers were made to people who were "out bid" and then offered a chance to purchase the item at the last bid they placed??  All because Bob "I can't recall/don't recall and can't remember" Eaton was driving the bids up?

    No wonder they are a 20-25 million dollar company!   To top it off, their own person said he does this!!!

    How they survive this is beyond me.  No wonder the FBI is looking into them! (alleged, as when Bob Eaton was asked if he was aware of a ongoing FBI investigation he said he was not aware of one)

  • Fascinating

    I looked into the education of the parties and found the following;

    Bob Eaton- High School

    Chris Williams- High School

    Roger Epperson- Not sure if he finished High School

    Mike Frost- Middle School

    Steve Cyrkin- ?

    Steve Koschal- Served for the United States Navy

    Cory Broswavic- College Degree

    Nelson Deedle- College Degree

    Grant Vanderhoven- College Degree

    Todd Mueller- Two college Degree's

    Mike Johnson- College Degree

    I think 2015 will be a big year for those educated.  A mind is a terrible thing to waste!

  • Let's face it. Depositions would be very tough to deal with, unless your telling the truth and have nothing to hide.  The body language and lack of recalling anything at all is interesting to me.  At least they knew their names when asked.

  • Grant:

    Going through each one right now.  One person says one thing, another says something that is different, etc..etc.

    Elizabeth Otto says "quite a few" then says "seldom" (to how many items Roger has sent in)

    Then they talk about each authenticator that was listed on the website, and they are also the consigners of items, and she goes on to say "seldom"

    Says that a drumstick can't be "authenticated" yet Roger has authenticated them, also says that Roger has said that a drumstick can't be authenticated.  RR Auctions and Roger's own company have sold and are selling autograph drumsticks.

    Which one is it?  They can't be authenticated or they can?  They are for sale with COA's right now!

    She has the most interesting body language that I have seen so far.  Very RAPID blinking, moving around, touching the nose. 

    According to experts in body language, all signs of lies.

  • Ken, Where's this info located in the video depos?

    Another interesting factoid... Roger Epperson is the majority consigner of music items, if not all to RR Auctions.

    Found only on the DEPOS!!!

  • Another interesting factoid... Roger Epperson is the majority consigner of music items, if not all to RR Auctions.

    Found only on the DEPOS!!!

  • Eaton has not seen Roger in over 10 years, and they do not send him things to personally look at.  They send scans of each item.

    Roger has stated that he see's every item that is offered and that he does NOT authenticate via SCAN, so one has to ask, what is the truth?

    Works for him, and has only met once and not in over 10 years.


    He's asked if he's aware of a ongoing FBI investigation into RR Auctions for 2 counts, wire fraud being one, his reply, "I can't recall and i'm not aware"

    Also says that he no longer works for JSA and no longer sits on their authentication team.

    Yet his photo and bio are still on the JSA website. 

    Lots of lies he's being caught in...

  • WOW, look at the body language of these people.

    Can't wait to watch all of these!

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