Vice-President Joe Biden & The Missing World Famous Holy Bible


As an update on the Holy Bible, I recently had success adding the signatures of Laura Bush and Barbara Bush to the famous autographed Holy Bible.

On July 21, 2017, someone I know well, sent their book “Promises To Keep” by Joe Biden  to his home requesting it be autographed.  Remarkably only ten days later Mr. Biden wrote a full page, 86 word,  presentation inscription signed and dated. This was exciting news for me as it told me Joe Biden will sign through the mail and that the address the book was sent to was an address that he received mail.

This was the incentive for me to mail him my world famous Holy Bible. This Holy Bible is autographed by many Presidents, Vice-Presidents and First Ladies of the United States.  The presidents that have signed are as early as Herbert Hoover and Harry Truman.  This Holy Bible is also autographed and blessed by Cardinal Dolan (was on the short list to be Pope) of New York.  Amazingly, it is also signed by the Dalai Lama (a very interesting story about his signing the Bible).  He did originally (in person) declined to sign this Holy Bible, then explained why he chose to change his mind.  His Holiness The Dalai Lama did say that this is the only Holy Bible in the world that he has signed.

I finally had the nerve to send the Holy Bible through the mail to Vice-President Joe Biden.  This was done on September 25, 2017.  In my full page letter I explained how I acquired many of the signatures.

United States Postal tracking stated the Holy Bible arrived at Joe Biden’s home on September 29, 2017 at 10:33 am.

My hopes were that the Bible could be returned like my friends in ten days or so.

Ten days came and went!

Nearly three months passed and still no response.  It was time to panic, I knew he received the Holy Bible so could it have been lost being returned?  On December 19, 2017, I wrote to Mr. Biden asking him for the status of the Bible. I mentioned I had sent it Priority mail and enclosed was a Priority Box with the appropriate postage for return.

I believed because of the importance and rarity of the Holy Bible that it would get Mr. Biden’s personal attention and be a priority returning it. I also explained that this Holy Bible has been with me for decades of Christmas Seasons.

No response from Joe Biden!

It was my opinion that Joe Biden was keeping the Holy Bible.

I decided to wait another month, however, I lost hope that it would not  be returned.

On January 22, 2018, more than a month after my last request for a status of returning the Holy Bible I wrote Joe Boden again, this time sending my letter Certified, return receipt requested.

Within a week I received the return receipt signed with Joe Biden’s initials.

Still no response from Joe Biden.

I began collecting ways to file a Police report in Wilmington, Delaware, write to the Postal Inspector in Wilmington and also to the Postmaster General in Washington.

After gathering this information I was prepared to write to all the above on Monday, February 26, 2018  and also file a lawsuit against Joe Biden.

On Saturday February 24, 2018 a Priority Box from Joe Biden was in my mail box.

Exactly 5 months later, the Holy Bible was returned signed.

Another reason I believe Joe Biden was going to keep the Holy Bible is that the Bible shows much wear since it was sent to him.  It is somewhat obvious he showed this Holy Bible to many visitors. In addition, the Bible was separated from the original Priority Box, self addressed and stamped.  It seems that he intended to keep the Bible, he discarded the original mailing box for return.

It is my belief that Joe Biden intended to keep the Holy Bible.  With rumors of him running for President of the United States against President Donald J. Trump, he didn’t need the bad publicity of stealing a famous Holy Bible.

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