The website has been updated with rejection letters from GLOBAL AUTHENTICS!

You can see the rejection letters here: Detailed Rejection Letters

Each item sold by R&R Auctions came with a R&R Auctions COA and a Roger Epperson, REAL COA.  Each item FAILED, PSA/DNA's inspection when they were sent it, and that's when the lawsuit was started years ago.

Now the other opinion based company has been brought in to render their thoughts on every item and this page with have the hundreds of rejection letters.

(Shouldn't the self proclaimed ROCK GOD OF AUTHENTICATION know his stuff better then this???)  The rejection letters with Roger's COA will be put up on this website over the course of the next few months so there will be a record of the REAL COA/LOA and the PSA/DNA rejection letter and the GLOBAL Rejection letter on the same items.

As always stay tuned as more information come out in this case...

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  • Now, it's time for other (real) experts to start looking at those "famous" autographs Reznikoff & RR sold to luminary-collectors like Bill O'Reilly and former President George W. Bush.  Not only were both shilled, but also according to Kay Burris there are VERY questionable authentication issues with some of those Lincolns, Mr. O'Reilly bought honestly from R&R.  Same for you Mrs Bush, for those official State Gifts you bought through your Secret Service Lead for foreign dignitaries from the people of the United States!  Certainly, REAL (and true) experts from the Archives of the United States need to be called in; or dispatched abroad to verify "We the People" weren't ripped off too.

  • Now things make a little more sense!  I didn't know who this Steve Wigderson person was.  Roger had filed a few motions to have him excluded as a expert, etc...etc.  He's the man that looked at everything for Global.

    Of course, motions were DENIED, and he (Wigderson) is allowed to weigh in.

    The filings were comical, I suggest everybody reads them, it's as though there is only one person in the world allowed to give a opinion on things and NOBODY else is allowed to weigh in...  Refreshing to see the courts see things as they should be.

    ( DISCLAIMER so I don't get sued again for weighing in: Just my opinion, granted to me by the CONSTITUTION  OF THE USA! FREEDOM OF SPEECH!)

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