UPDATE: RR Auction and the current LAWSUIT:


Santa Barbara, CA | March 13, 2015

Michael Johnson filed a class action lawsuit against R&R Auction Company, LLC, an auction house that sells autographed memorabilia, alleging violations of California’s consumer protection laws.  Mr. Johnson alleges in his lawsuit that R&R Auction conducted bait-and-switch marketing by claiming, “Each autographed item [sold] is accompanied by a full 100% lifetime guarantee of authenticity.”  R&R Auction backed this guarantee with an explicit offer to refund the full purchase price of any autographed item that was later determined to be inauthentic.  R&R Auction marketed this guarantee in its marketing materials, written publications, website, and self-generated certificates of authenticity that accompanied every signed item that it sold to California consumers, including Mr. Johnson.  However, Mr. Johnson discovered that R&R Auction never really confirmed the authenticity of signed memorabilia it sold and further refused to honor its advertised refund policy.

Mr. Johnson’s lawsuit alleges that he purchased over $130,000 in signed memorabilia from R&R Auction between 2008 and 2012.  However, he later discovered that all of the signed items he purchased were forgeries, after having them reevaluated by an independent autograph authentication company.  When he attempted to obtain a refund from R&R Auction, the company simply refused to honor it’s advertised “lifetime guarantee of authenticity.”  Mr. Johnson’s lawsuit alleges violations of California’s consumer protection laws, including the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, on behalf of himself and all other customers residing in California who fell victim to R&R Auction’s fraudulent practices.

On March 13, 2015, the Santa Barbara Superior Court denied certification of Mr. Johnson’s proposed class of California consumers who purchased forged memorabilia from R&R Auction.  The Court did not rule on the merits of Mr. Johnson’s claims, but instead, determined that the case could not procedurally be tried as a class action because of individualized issues involving autographed items purchased by the members of the proposed class.  Essentially, the Court ruled that anyone that was sold forged items during 2008-2012 would have the ability to pursue their own individual claims against R&R.   In addition to the ability for others to now pursue their own cases against R&R Auction for the purchase of inauthentic items, the Burris evidence demonstrates that another class action or suit in State or Federal Courts may be filed against R&R for shill bidding.

In spite of the Court’s ruling on class certification, Mr. Johnson and his attorneys, Christman, Kelley & Clarke, PC, are movinng forward with Mr. Johnson’s lawsuit against R&R Auction.  In addition to Mr. Johnson’s claims that R&R Auction sold him fake memorabilia, Mr. Johnson recently discovered from a former R&R employee that R&R Auction engaged in a systematic scheme to defraud its customers by engaging in “shill bidding” through conspiring with others to bid on memorabilia it auctions on its website with the intent to artificially increase its price or desirability.  He discovered this after receiving a copy of a signed and notarized affidavit from Karen Burris, a former RR Auction employee who passed away shortly after executing the affidavit.  Ms. Burris’ sworn affidavit implicates R&R Auction in a variety of illegal activities, including shill bidding and the knowing sale of forged memorabilia to its customers.

Mr. Johnson’s attorneys intend to amend his complaint to assert these additional violations of consumer protection laws.  This includes potential violations of California Civil Code section 1739.7, which prohibits the sale of fake autographed memorabilia, and provides for the recovery of attorneys’ fees and a civil penalty in an amount equal to 10 times actual damages.  With his estimated actual damages of $130,000, Mr. Johnson intends to request a civil penalty of at least $1.3 million.  Matthew Clarke of Christman Kelley & Clarke, PC believes that this is another step in the right direction of ultimately making Mr. Johnson whole and holding R&R Auction accountable for its fraudulent and deceptive business practices. END ###

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  • Video of Willaim Burris being added to the RR Auction Lawsuit page: William Burris, husband of Karen Burris

  • Did "THE TRUTH" see the what Bob Eaton has been doing and what he said to the Boston Globe?

  • I just came across this bizarre, albeit limp, threat that the guy imagined he was going to impose upon me, a few years back, for daring to question some presidential signatures. 


    Contact my wife and family? What a nutcase!!!

    I'd like him to try that!!!

    The non-stop trend toward a lack of intellectual freedom at AML is what has hurt it, at least that's howz I sees it!

    Also there probably should have been a separate dealer ? Authenticator / discussion area. It hasn't worked well when collectors and dealers chat in the same areas. too many arguments. Probably why all of the dealers and Authenticators have vanished over the years.

    How many people has the "25 Cent Brain Guy" suspended over the RR auction discussion? Odd isn't it?


  • This may or may not have anything to do with this lawsuit? just find it interesting how an item that was supposedly auctioned via Iconic Auctions for 12 Grand last December finds its way over to RR 6 months later in their upcoming Mostly Magnificent Marvelous Modern Marvela auction?

    Wonder how much it will fetch?

    More or less than 12 Grand?

    Will it be Pre-Certed along with the current PSA and Tracks certs?finalbid.JPG?width=721


  • The web of lies and deceitfulness is so involved, and the list of collectors and VIP customers that have been ripped off is so intriguing that no one in the community should be surprised if a massive wave of arrests and raids around the country don't take place soon.  It shouldn't surprise anyone either if some of those ripped off customers don't exact their own revenge and one (or more) of these wiley characters (the "experts") don't end up just like Kay Burris did thanks to Eaton and R&R.  They screwed the wrong people - some of them big people who like being ripped off.

  • How is it that these people just don't show up for court Depositions? So what do they do now? (Johnson) will have to file a motion to compel, and if they don't show for that a arrest warrent will be issued? Is that how the court system works in the states?

    So, this main man from PSA/DNA would rather have a court ordered arrest warrent issued (and be part of his personal record on any sort of search done in his name for life) then to show up and answer questions?


    WOW, that goes to show you just how much they have to hide and how big of cowards they really are!!!  (IN MY OPINION of course)

    I also see that they (Cyrkin and his "clown posse") are saying that all of the PSA/DNA letters come with "pre-printed" signatures, and the so called "live" signature is not that, that it also is pre-printed or signed before the letters are examined.

    SO.... SO they are saying that Steve Grad and sometimes Joe Orlando will just sign blank papers and the other workers will fill in the fail's of said items after they look at it?

    They actually believe this??  HOW did anybody come to this conclusion?  How was this "discovered" and does not anybody else see the "FLAWS" with this type of behavior???!!!

    I think it is just a bunch of people trying to float out bad information just to do so, in the name of "Cyrkin justice"!!!

    No matter how they spin this, and that is all this is, SPIN of mis information.... Roger is going to lose that case!  The FACTS are going to be presented, and he will NOT be able to spin things.

    EVEN if what they say is true from the time that he worked there over 12 YEARS AGO, that does not mean that is the current business model of how they do things.

    Also, if Bob Eaton according to his OWN WORDS never saw ONE item for PSA/DNA for the entire time he was on the letter heads, how is it that somehow Roger did see items, and did see how they did things?  He didn't work for them very long, and again according to his old posts on different forums, he quit because he didn't like "how he was told they did business"???!!!

    Again, his own comments from messages boards and emails are going to be used against him.

    To me, this is the real reason he is no longer a paid advertiser of Cyrkins site. 

    According to Cyrkin he was tired of having  to "argue with people about his opinions on items"

    When you make as many mistakes as he has with never a "oops I screwed up on that one" WE AS CONSUMERS HAVE THE RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS!!!

    His laundry list of excuses don't cut it anymore!  I personally love how it's always SOMEBODY ELSE FAULT as to why HE made a mistake!

    "Clerical error.... glitch.... didn't have coffee.... .didn't have glasses on.... didn't go to the bathroom that day"  INSERT EXCUSE HERE....

    People make mistakes, it is how those mistakes are corrected or made right that shows what kind of person you are.  Having to explain things is normal... I feel that when he is questioned for 28 hours, he is going to really come undone.

    Everything going on all these people have brought on themselves, and it is about time I feel!

  • I was told Steve Grad didn't appear.

  • Did the Steve Grad deposition that was scheduled for May 12th take place?


    William Boehm:
    Update: Plaintiff files Application For Out Of State Deposition Of William Boehm on March 19, 2015 in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

    Kevin Mattei:
    Update: Plaintiff files Application For Out Of State Deposition Of Kevin Mattei on March 19, 2015 in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

    John Reznikoff:
    Update: Plaintiff files Application For Out Of State Deposition Of John Reznikoff on March 19, 2015 in Santa Barbara Superior Court.

  • I don't understand why everybody is making such a bid deal about this not getting class action status.

    My understanding is, Mr. Johnson brought this case forward because he was burned by itmes he got from RR, failing 3rd party authentication.  He tried to get others to join if they had issues, but he himself was and is paying for the legal costs of his own case. 

    He would actually lose by others joining the case, as the more you have in the class the more you have to divide the winnings.   

    I was asked to join a class action lawsuit VS a telephone company years ago.  The case won, and it won millions in judgement, my payout was less then $10.00.  I laughed and thought, wow, I'll get a paper and coffee and donut and that's it.

    By nobody else joining this, and as he goes forward, whatever he wins, is HIS.

    So how is this a bad thing?

    I would think R and R would be more worried about these other things that have come to light.  Shill bidding, a person killing themselves, selling of massive amounts of fake items that they knew were, etc..etc.

    This case is far from over, I don't get the celebrating unless I am missing something.

    I saw that Bobby Livingston put something up on Net 54, and it was not taken down, unlike the others that were over the past year.

This reply was deleted.