This group is just a shadow of its former self. So many disgusted members and dealer members are gone. The club appears to be in shambles.

The last president of the club wrote a message on the club website in April 2017.  He passed away later in the year and it took till March 2018 to hear from someone.  The V/P of this group did not take on the presidency. Seems like no one wanted the job. The situation is so bad that no elections were held for the position.  the Treasurer of the club announces he does not want the job but will "voluenteer" and take it.

For the next several months no word from this group. Amazingly, nine very long months later, the new unelected president Al Wittnebert writes on the website that the clubs database is in turnmoil due to the neglect of past secretary's.  Who oversaw the secretary's?   Are these secretary's still members of the club? Were they sanctioned?  Who dropped the ball?  At this time the club does not even list a secretary!  This is what went on for your 2018 dues.

For years the club states on their web site "membership has its advantages with conventions."  How many years or decades has it been since there was a convention?   This should have been happening for the price you paid for dues.

Renewal of membeship dues are ready once again. 

Has anyone noticed that not a single dealer member of the UACC is listed on the Preferred Autograph Dealer List?  What you will find on the club web site are a long list of dealer members of the UACC that have been termimated for selling bad autographs and more!

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