UACC - An Autograph Sanctuary

The UACC, “Universal Autograph Collectors Club” is now referred to by some as an “Autograph Sanctuary.”

Take a look at the list of “dealers” and also some of the members?

How many well documented “bad” guys can you pick out? How many more bad guys make the list that are clever enough to stay under the radar? The “COA Library” could publish a list of those selling forgeries that advertise on their COA stating they are members of the UACC.

Some of the members “in good standing” are

(1) an admitted forger of autographs (it is rare to get a forger to admit this, but the pressure from the hobby was so intense he finally admitted to doing so). The forger is an ex-president of the UACC, was expelled from the UACC for over 20 years, now back in good standing and selling autographs, some stolen.

(2) A high profile seller of musical autographs who has admitted buying a large amount of inventory from a noted forger.

(3) A high profile ”shill” bidder at an active autograph auction house.

(4) An auction house who for years sells forgeries backed with COA’s.

(5) A high profile seller of autographs who has sold millions of dollars of forgeries, well documented in magazines, newspapers and TV news across the U.S.

(6) a plagiarizer

(7) a past president of the club and dealer where the club has refused to respond to ethics complaints

(8) a present Board member (autograph seller) who had very serious multiple complaints which were never acted upon by the Ethics Board.

(9) totally unqualified members authenticating autographs

(10) thousands of mistakes of members in good standing mis-authenticating autographs causing uneducated collectors hundreds of thousands of dollars, some mistakes even televisied

There’s more!

It is anticipated that ethics complaints not acted upon by the UACC will be published on this site in the near future.

A reminder that caution should be taken when dealing with someone displaying the UACC logo. It is up to you to know who you are about to deal with. Persons who are membersof the club read this as well, and if they are still members of the UACC, they basically support the corruption listed above.

See a previous article on this site of recommended professional autograph dealers.

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