UACC - Shocking News - Part 1

                                                   UACC – Shocking News

Michael Hecht passed away in November 2017.  Many believe he was the long time UACC president in name only.  On many occasions Hecht would tell people, including myself, that he would never run for re-election after his first term.  His name stayed “as president” for many more years.

Now, with Hecht’s passing did anyone see a UACC election?

Seems, out of nowhere, posted on the club’s website is that long time treasurer Al Wittnebert is suddenly the president of the UACC.  What happened to Tom Folenta Vice-President of the UACC?  This should have been natural progression.  Seems quite obvious Folenta did not want the job!

Many questions have been asked over decades,  regarding Wittnebert’s handling the check book for the UACC.  Requests for the club’s annual accounting statements have been refused. To our knowledge, the last known published report from the club’s accountant was May 13, 1996 and in that report he covers himself by stating: “Management (UACC) has elected to omit substantially all of the disclosures and the statement of cash flows required by generally accepted accounting principles….”

Over a dozen letters have been written to Al Wittnebert, all returned “refused”.

What’s even more interesting is the club is admitting it needs more money and has set up a “Go Fund Me” page.  Yet who knows where all the money is going from membership and advertising dues.  What’s the club’s expenses?  An outdated website!

Many believe Al Wittnebert should not be a member in the UACC.  Many complaints against Wittnebert have been filed with the UACC ethics board yet none have come to light.  That’s got to be a very big rug to sweep all this under.

The following is just one of many instances that will be published on this site.  Back in 1995, Ann Boyle purchased a signed photograph of Richard Gere at an autograph show from Al Wittnebert for $50.  It came with his COA dated 5/19/1995.  Later Ms. Boyle discovered the signature on the photo was not what it should be and asked for a refund.  At a much later date Wittnebert produced an invoice back dated to the show date stating the price for the photo was only $25.00 plus tax..   Boyle asking help from others after a very long period of time was able to get Wittnebert to write a check for $26.50 on March 17, 97.  It took two years to get Wittnebert to react from pressure out side the UACC.  Still Wittnebert only issued half payment. Ms. Boyle wrote on Wittnebert’s check “partial payment”.

How about one more from a list of others?  The total complaint is quite lengthy. In part: “I bought a postal money order for $49 and mailed it off….three weeks later nothing….so I emailed again asking about delivery time and was verbally attacked by Al Wittnebert….he basically called me a liar said he mailed off my order and according to the bar code # it is at the post office…so I called the PO and was told I needed a bar code # so I emailed for it and received a fake one  from Wittnebert in return…the PO said it was not valid…I received a receipt for $25 from Al. He was informed that the sale was for $45.00 not $25.  They (Wittnebert) began ignoring my complaints….I emailed the UACC and was promised they would help me out….a few days later I get a nasty email calling me a liar…turns out Wittnebert is on the UACC Board….I checked on their web site and the photo I had ordered and paid for was still on the web site so I sent a complaint to the BBB and one month later that photo was taken down….since all of this I have moved to Florida…but still it bothers me that Al Wittnebert got away with taking money from a disabled person, lying through his teeth and committing mail fraud…I just want everyone to know how this disabled person was cheated out of her money by Sign Here and Uncle Al….he now calls his site Al Wittnebert Autographs, but changing the site name does not change the fact he stole my money! I hope he chokes on my money!”  Donna, Apopka, Florida

Interesting how both the above complaints are somewhat similar.  Both cases, what is claimed to be the original sales amount, Al Wittnebert  basically cuts the dollar amount by half.

More interesting is that these complaints sent to the UACC never get to the Ethic’s Board.  There’s more and they get into much detail.

Al Wittnebert does not like being exposed.  When this is done he participates in creating false accusations against club members even members of the UACC Board of Directors. He dips low enough even to try to close down a website  of those who expose his actions.

One letter he wrote to the host of my personal web site.  Read the following lies stated by Al Wittnebert.

“Mr. Koschal has avoided all efforts to be legally served by our attorneys.”   I never saw one effort!

Wittnebert continues:  “As far as we can tell he has no Florida driver’s license”.  I still have in my possession my original Florida Driver’s license.

Wittnebert continues: “he has no voter registration”. False, I voted in every election.

Here goes Big Al again: “he uses a drop box for postage”.   I had a Post Office Box for over a dozen years, it never changed while I lived in Florida.  Every letter I sent to Al Wittnebert  he refused to accept. They had my name and return address on the envelope. See only a few samples below




      Letters to Wittnebert not only showing my return address but on Club’s official envelope


Only truthful statement Wittnebert made was: “The police department of Dade County tell us he is off the radar”.  Most likely correct as I never even had a parking ticket in Florida.

Membership in the UACC was over 2200. Now it is estimated to be below 700. The UACC no longer published a membership list, wonder why?  Also according to the UACC website half the dealers that were once member have gone elsewhere.



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