The UACC (not sure they still exist) known as The Universal Autograph Collectors Club maintains a list of what they refer to as Registered Dealers.  According to this outfit they claim they check a seller of autohgraphs inventory before allowing the seller to be a Registered Dealer and display the club logo.  However for quite a  few years displaying the club logo appears to be a red flag. Proof, look at the long list of once accepted dealers that have been removed from the club!

 Recently a UACC Registered Dealer for some reason decided to ship 100 of their autographs to PSA for authentication..  The charge was $3,400.00 to authenticate the autographs. 

The dealer was shocked to receive the autographs back and to find out of 100 items, 97 failed.  How could this posibly be? 

The dealer is supposed to be an accepted seller of autographs blesssed by the UACC.  Is the approved dealer of the UACC incapable of authenticating autographs or is it PSA incapaale of authenticationg autographs.  One of them is wrong!

Could it be best just to avoid both!

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