The usual UACC "BS"  states to only purchase from one of their dealer members.  You might want to know who in the UACC checks out a potential dealer before allowing them to join the club.  We just may in the future print some of the ethics charges that heave been sent to the UACC against this individual, who believes he can vet another seller.  This individual has the power in the club to dismiss and even ignore charges filed against him.

The following is what one collector got when purchasing from a UACC dealer member.

This UK member claims this is an authentic signed photographof Paul McCartney.  The signature on this photograph is most likely the worst forgery one can imagine.  Some say that the forger just wrote out Paul McCartney's name without knowing what a genuine McCartney signayre looks like.

To show how some of this club's members are deceptive. This dealer issues a Certificate of Authenticty for this photograph.   The owner does not date the COA. Worse, they don't even mention on the COA what it is for. No mention of a signed photograph of Paul McCartney.  This COA is 100% useless becase the seller can always say that the COA is for another signed photograph.

This is one of many examples not to trust purchasing from a UACC seller. 

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  • UACC monitoring their dealers, from my insight, is one of their dismal failures.  Unless, it comes from another UACC member who purchased an item, they essentially ignore it.  As such they are fundamental useless as an "organiization" which is why I let my membership go by the wayside.  

  • Yikes, that is bad.

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