When things are as bad as they can possibly be it seems like there's always a bit more room to drop to a lower level. Al Wittnebert, the self proclaimed NEW president of the UACC is getting more exposure.  The long time club president of the UACC  Michael Hecht passed away several months ago.  No one in the group would take his place, not even the Vice-President of the club.  There is no evidence of the club holding elections and who steps up to the plate, Al Wittnebert.  Wittnebert the long time treasurer claims he doesn't want the position but still declares himself President of the UACC.  That message was posted on the club site months ago, no word since.

Actually, no new word about anything regarding any movement in the club.

 Al Wittnebert has always been a loud voice withing the UACC.  He is one of the people who would vet new sellers of autographs before they became an accepted UACC Registered Dealer.  Wittnebert claims to be an expert in modern Hollywood figures.  After all, he has determined in the past whose autographs were real or not.

One person who claims to authenticate autographs is Mike Frost (real name Mike Fiegenbaum).  The authentication company PAAS (Professional Autograph Authentication Service) went out of business several years ago.  Later on, Frost, by himself,  took the old name and gave the company another start. 

Accoding to Frost, not everything Wittnebert sells is genuine. The two examples are from the inventory of Al Wittnebert that Frost states are NOT genuine.



Now one can wonder why so many Registered Dealers after being accepted  have been expelled from the UACC.  The club stil states to only purchase an autograph from one of their approved dealers.

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