UACC - More Shocking News - Part 2

UACC – More Shocking News

The following is an open letter from a UACC member in Texas to the then president of the UACC, Paul Carr.  It states it was sent to all dealer members.  This letter was never published in the UACC journal nor was it passed onto the UACC Ethic’s Board. The letter speaks for itself.  I clearly shows the slow demise of the club with regard to the shows it once held and how club members are kept in the dark. Not much has changed!

How did this memo not reach regular club members?  Another sweeping!

Why is Al Wittnebert still a member of the UACC?

 Today, I tried to contact Al Wittnebert.   Went to   This is his website in an atempt to obtain his email address.   All I got was a Red Page Warning- Deceptive Site Ahead!

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